Newbie and a little scared

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Newbie and a little scared

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Default Newbie and a little scared

I just found out a week ago I have type 2 diabetes. I also have gluten intolerance, which I have had for 4 years now. Combining the two diets is very difficult.
My mom, grandpa, uncle all passed away from type 1 diabetes and heart disease, which scares me even more. I did not see this coming, always thought I took pretty good care of myself. I do lack in eating much, and having time to exercise but with being gluten free I eat pretty healthy, although i have learned the that a lot of gluten free foods are very high is sodium. I have been very nervous trying to understand this and get control. I dont want to die at an early age like my mother did. Also my blood worked showed a horrible lipid panel so that is something else I need to work on. At the moment I am not on any medications and hope to prevent this. I try to do as much natural as I can. I am just surprised that this never showed up before. I did have a hysterectomy 2 years ago and figured a lot of my issues were trouble getting my hormones lined out.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Help us out and tell us your numbers- what was your A1C and fasting blood glucose numbers?

We have all been in your shoes. The ray of sun is that diabetes is manageable. It has been in the last couple decades that more info is coming out and the medical community's heads are coming out of the sand. Eating High Fat Low Carb works.

Read Blood Sugar 101 and that will help a lot. One of the moderators or tech geniuses here will post the link! Ask questions, read posts and you will get the hang of it. We have members of every age, from all over the world and different types of diabetes here. Some can control with diet and exercise, some are on metformin, some are in insulin. We all strive to get to the 5% club (A1C in the 5mg-5.9 range). Many are under that much control. I'm on the lower spectrum myself; went from a 6.1 to a 5.5 (or was it 5.6?! LOL!) in a few months. Give it a shot.

Glad to have you! Welcome!

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Welcome..all will be well.

Blood Sugar 101 is where the best information is to be found.


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Thank you for the welcome, and is always welcomed to see a positive attitude. I am trying but like I put in my title I am scared, was not expecting which I am sure most are not. I am pretty good about being in tune with my body but I totally missed this.
Here is some of my lab info and me info
I am 45 female
glucose 92
HbA1c 5.0
Estimated average glucose 96.8
fructosamine 257
glycation Gap -1.01
postprandial glucose index 6.5

leptin 5.4
leptin BMI ration 1.56
Adiponectin 8
free fatty acid 0.77
ferrin 32
a-hydroxybutyrate 6.7
Oleic acid 5.8
linoleoly-GPC 13.2
IR, score 6.3

Insulin 20
Proinsulin 19
c-peptide 5.2
proinsulin:C-peptide Ratio 3.6
Anti-Gad <5

Glycemic control: glucose and hemoglobin A1c are in the normal range and are consistent with normoglycemic. There is some evidence of postprandial glucose elevations.

Insulin resistance: There is evidence of significant insulin resistance. There is evidence of adipose tissue insulin resistance

recommended Metformin

Beta Cell functionality/strain: there is evidence of hyperinsulnemia, suggesting beta cell strain dysfunction or failure consider adding DPP4 or GLP-1

Lipid panel
total Cholesterol 182
ldl 141
hdl 42
triglycerides 183
non-hdl 140

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Try not to worry, CFM . . . you're in the right place now, and we can help you find the right method to control your diabetes. As Mollie says, we've all been in your shoes, and we've all been able to sort out the best combination of food, meds and exercise to keep things under control. Your numbers aren't horrible at all - you've caught this early and with a few adjustments, you'll live to be very old! Triglycerides are a little high, but those will drop rapidly when you stop eating carbs.

The first thing to understand is that everything we've been taught about 'healthy' eating for the past 50-60 years is utter foolishness. All the official programs promote low-fat and high-carb diets with emphasis on whole grains, etc. Unfortunately, that way-of-eating is exactly what got us to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes that is so prevalent now.

So we're in the process of undoing the damage and we start with adopting a low-carb/high-fat way-of-eating (WoE). It's called LCHF and a good guidebook is LCHF for Beginners. In case you have reservations about a high-fat diet, here is the most recent report on the bad-fats hoax and the real truth of the matter. Ending the War on Fats.

Pat has given you the link for BloodSugar101 which is an amazing collection of everything diabetic. Spend a few hours studying there and you'll know way more than your doctor about this disorder and how to manage it.

And for day-to-day living, you're going to need a meter, and it will become your best friend. Our two main mottos here are 'test, Test, TEST', and Eat-to-Your-Meter. <- this link teaches you how.

(and p.s. I was a ferret mom for years while my kids were growing up . . . they are the cutest pets EVER!)

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We can start with removing some BAD info you probably have about diabetes (if you watch the TV).

1) most do not see this coming! We have vegans, we have tri-athleats, we have runners, cyclist and every one else with T2

2) Glutin free is OK its carbohydrates that raise BG... ALL carbs Rise raise BG, Potato raise BG, most fruit raise BG if its got carbs it will raise your BG.

3) most T2 I know who have control of there diabetes eat LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) low carb keeps BG down, High fat gives you energy instead of carbs. Most people find on the LCHF diet that there lipid panel falls into place.

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I am not a doctor this is what works for me
You results may differ
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I'm confused if your A1c and fasting blood glucose is normal what is making you be diagnosed diabetic. Is it the insulin resistance?

I'm just curious myself as I don't know all the other results.

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Thank you everyone, I am so glad I found this place. I have been doing some research but some will scare you even more. I know I need to lose some weight as well, which I am hoping the change in diet will help. It is very confusing learning the foods I can eat with having the gluten issue too.
I did buy some fresh berries ( raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) prepped them and froze them. I also bought organic fresh veggies to eat along with lean meat. The balancing act will be the challenge, I really dont eat much. I have a fat free shake in the morning with green tea and then eat when I get home from work around 10. I do snack at work on gluten free chips. I know these are terrible eating habits and need to be changed.

I will also check out the glucocil, anything natural that will help I am all for it. I try so hard to avoid prescription drugs if possible.
I am assuming that the change in diet will also benefit my lipid panel being so off?? I hope, I try to avoid salt too but I know its in so many foods. The stuff that is in our foods anymore is horrible.
Oh and yes Shanny, ferrets are precious. I was a ferret rescue for over 10 years, now I just have 2 furbutts. Dexter and Rocky, love them to pieces and they sure know how to brighten my day.

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Originally Posted by volfan View Post
I'm confused if your A1c and fasting blood glucose is normal what is making you be diagnosed diabetic. Is it the insulin resistance?

I'm just curious myself as I don't know all the other results.
That is what confused me, I have kept an eye on glucose and thought everything is okay but because I am insulin resistant and levels are up there, then there is evidence of dysfunctional beta strain it all comes together as type 2 diabetes. Meaning I have to help my body keep the insulin levels where they need to be. My body either produces to much or not enough.

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Hi crazyferretmom. Welcome to the forum. It does sound scary at first finding out about diabetes, but once you read the links that were posted (click on the underlined reddish-brown words) it should set your mind a little more at ease.

Cutting out most of the processed 'heat and eat' foods will greatly reduce your salt intake. Probably reduced enough you might want to reconsider using salt. Do you have problems caused by salt, or is it just something you heard?

And as far as the fat free shakes and the lean meat, again, read the links. There are good fats. Most of the natural fats are OK, cream, butter, cheeses, coconut oil, animal derived saturated fats. It is the man made products like margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils, many of the so-called healthy oils that are bad for you.

You need to cut the carbs, as others have said, they are what gets converted straight to glucose. To ensure you are getting enough calories, many, if not all, of the calories dropped as you cut carbs need to be replaced. Most of us here have found that fat calories are the perfect replacement.

Your lipid panel doesn't look too bad. Your triglycerides need to come down and your HDL needs to come up. You want to get a trig/HDL ratio of below 2. Cutting the carbs and adding good fats will take care of that.

Many of us have worse glucose numbers than you, and some are controlling there diabetes with diet and exercise alone, no meds, no magic potions.
Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
a1c 8.8 (8/2011) 5.2 (02/2020)
TC 183 LDL 102 HDL 65 TG 52 (02/20/2020)
Supplemental vitamins and electrolytes
65 YY Love the LCHF diet. The cheese goes well with my whine

updated 10/12/2020
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