New diabetes diagnosis and Overwhelmed

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New diabetes diagnosis and Overwhelmed

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Cool New diabetes diagnosis and Overwhelmed

Greetings Everyone!
I am Paiden and I am a 49 y/o woman, BMI 48, recently diagnosed with diabetes. My A1c is 6.7. I take metformin 500mg 2 x day along meds for HTN and ^choles. BP and choles/LDL/HDL all are normal with meds of course. For years I lead a unhealthy lifestyle with a diet of fast food, little or no exercise and managing depression/anxiety. Really, I am not surprised at where my I am with my health/mind/body/spirit. I mean I knew this day would come. But now that I actuallyhave diabetes, honestly, I am shocked and numb. I do blame myself.

Presently, I am just in the beginning stage of change and I am keenly aware that my lifestyle must change. All kinds of feelings are going through me: anger, denial, fear. I recognize that I have to put myself first and really do the inner work to be healthy in so many ways. So I have to accept where I am and move forward.

I started reading posts by others and feel better knowing that others are doing well. Some questions:

1. Doctor did not give me a Rx for a meter and supplies. Why not? Is that typical? Should I buy my own meter and supplies?

2. What should I expect from my first visit with the nutritionist?

3. Do I stop eating carbs completely? Is couscous and quinoa okay to eat?

4. What kind of attitude will help me manage my diabetes successfully?

Oh, did I tell you that I am terrified?
Thanks for listening.

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I have type 2 diabetes.

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Hello and

Being told you are diabetic does come as a shock - but it also provides a wake up call to take control before it becomes more than just an inconvenience.

Your HbA1c suggests that you're in a very reasonable position to grab your situation and nail it down without needing a lot of medication to help.

First thing is to review a couple of web sites. The first one is Blood Sugar 101. In particular look at You Did NOT Eat Your Way to Diabetes. The REAL Causes. and How to Lower Your Blood Sugar

The other site I'm going to suggest is LCHF for Beginners | and that will give you a lot of information to help with controlling your blood glucose.

Now, to answer your questions.

First as you will see from the second link in Blood Sugar 101, a blood glucose meter is an essential tool - even for someone like you and me - with a fairly mild situation to control. Over your way, the cheapest source of meters is probably WalMart and certainly in the short term at least, you could possibly look there.

Regrettably, I think you won't get a lot of really helpful information from your nutritionist. They must follow the ADA standard guidelines and suggest to you that you want to go High Carb, low calorie diet to get your weight down. There's only one minor flaw with this strategy. It does NOT work for us. You spend your time permanently hungry with frightening swings in blood glucose and inevitably, you go off the diet and then get told "bad girl!".

You do need to cut back on carbohydrates of all types but eliminating them completely is next to impossible. Off the top of my head, I've got to say NO to Couscous and Quinoa. They are not particularly useful but here on the forum, we have really only one rule and that is "eat to the meter". As you'll see in How to Lower Your Blood Sugar the rules of the game are to try something and test the result. If your meter says that you can eat, for instance, quinoa in the portion size you want without going over your target maximum blood sugar, then so be it! If not?

Lastly, don't be terrified - be determined instead that like the others on this forum, you, not your condition are in charge of your long healthy life!


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Hello Paiden,

Welcome aboard.

Most doctors start diabetic patients with medication to control BP & cholesterol apart from the ones to control blood sugar. This is in the belief that normally, patients are unable to control their diabetes, and the other two are soon going to follow. I've heard a Dr referring to them as 3 sisters. If one steps in the other 2 are not far behind, he said. But this belief is unfounded and members on this board are proof of that.

We recommend new members to also start reading bloodsugar101 and dietdoctor. These sites have a wealth of information on the subject & are good starting points.

Carbs convert to glucose upon digestion and need to be restricted (not completely avoided). Getting them from green vegetables in soups & salads is a good idea. A meter is a must for diabetics as the mantra that you will learn here, is "test, test, test". Why the doctor did not prescribe you one beats me. Do buy one if you can.

A 'fighting spirit' & a 'never say die' attitude will go a long way in helping you combat this condition. Once your eating habits have "improved" you will find your BMI & your BG inching downwards, and general health improving. Many members have completely given up their BP, cholesterol & sugar medication.

Good Luck.

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Paiden - I was recently DX with Type 1. The first week or two was a little bit different. Not a shock so to speak, but just recalibrating how I did things.

6 weeks out, it's just part of the routine. Of course, my management is different than yours, but I suspect the emotions are similar.

Trust me - in a week or two, the "idea" of having diabetes will fade, and the "reality" of managing it will take hold. The management is far less than the idea.

Hang in there.

The bottom line is this - you didn't ask to be dealt this hand, but you got it. Now that you have it, you have to play it. The key is to make it a winner for you - and that is attainable.

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Welcome Paiden

You've been given the basics of blood sugar control, so I won't repeat the excellent advice.

I just want to reinforce that you CAN gain control over this. And, really, it's not all that bad. LCHF (low cart/high fat) way of eating is actually so much more healthy than the usual low-fat/high carb WOE that we've all been told to do - that after a few months on LCHF you'll probably find that there were other health issues you didn't even know you had, that will no longer be there. This has been reported by so many who have come to this forum and started on their LCHF journey.

Your initial emotions are typical and normal. And a little grief over lost favorite foods mixes in there, also. Stick around, read the links, read the threads and be encouraged.

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Welcome Paiden -

I'm relatively new to this forum as well but have found the people here to be incredibly friendly and helpful!

I felt much the same way as you - blaming myself for this because of past lifestyle habits - but I'm learning that is just not true. I must admit I started crying in the doctors office when I found out...

LCHF has been a life changer for me in wrestling with diabetes. I'm still working it all out, but this site has given me hope - and the tools - to get it under control. I know it can do the same for you.

You can do this!

Dx Dec. 2013
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44 y.o.
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Welcome to the forum Paiden. You've already been given great advice, so I'm just saying hello

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Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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Supplemental vitamins and electrolytes
65 YY Love the LCHF diet. The cheese goes well with my whine

updated 10/12/2020
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Hi from me too! Don't be overwhelmed, just let us hold your hand as you work this out.

Good luck,

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Hello Paiden! Please ask any questions you may have. We're here for you!


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