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Thumbs up Hi!


I'm Angie, I'm 30, and I was diagnosed with T2 on November 11, 2014, so not too long ago! It's definitely been an interesting few months! But Hi! I'm hoping this forum can be a great place to sound off and ask dumb questions.

Unfortunately Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. My father had a pituitary tumor and Cushing's so I'm currently going to get a test done to make sure I don't have Cushing's at this point. I've also been diagnosed with PCOS.

I'm embarassed to admit that when they took my A1C it was 14 (!), and my fasting glucose was well in the 300s! Looking back I had all the symptoms (frequent urination, constant thirst, unexplained weight loss) but now I'm determined to get things under control .

Since I've been diagnosed, my endo has put me on Victoza (I've already stepped up to the 1.8 daily dose) and NOTHING ELSE. I'm kind of surprised he didn't put me on metformin, but I've only seen him twice and he opted to see what would happen to my sugars at the highest dose of Victoza first. I go back in March. So far I've lost ~30 lbs. I've got a lot to go.

Right now my morning sugars are still high, and averaging 140s and 150s no matter what I eat the night before. During the day they seem normal after eating 30/45 carbs a meal, which is what I was told to stay around by the Diabetes Education Classes I went to.

I'm currently pulling my hair out trying to find an accurate meter with inexpensive strips. (Any recommendations would be great!)

So there's my novel of an introduction! Glad to be here! Is my doctor totally crazy for not putting me on metformin first?

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I use the Relion meters from WalMart and the strips are the cheapest I could find as is the meter. It's seems basically accurate. I pay attention to the trend rather the numbers as there is no truly accurate meter on the market.

I hate to tell you this, but the diet you've been advised to eat will not work. I'd advise you to spend some time reading Blood Sugar 101.

Eager to get to know you more!

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Originally Posted by angangieangela View Post
Right now my morning sugars are still high, and averaging 140s and 150s no matter what I eat the night before. During the day they seem normal after eating 30/45 carbs a meal, which is what I was told to stay around by the Diabetes Education Classes I went to.
Welcome to the forum.

Many of the folks on this forum who are successful in lowering their BG to within safe limits (140 and less at all times) accomplish this by reducing their consumption of carbs. In fact, many eat only 30-45 a DAY - or even less than that. And without having to rely on questionable drugs to do it. Metformin is a safe drug and usually that is what a doctor will prescribe to the newly diagnosed diabetic.

Since it is carbs that raise blood sugar, it seems logical to reduce carbs in the diet. And it is also a good thing to replace those missing carbs with FATS. That's right. Fats! Trying to do low-carb with low-fat is an exercise in frustration and starvation.

Contrary to what you and I, and all of us, have been taught over our lifetime, fats are not the enemy. Carbs are. Fats will not make you fat, nor give you CVD, nor raise your cholesterol.

This site is a good read to educate you on the low-carb/high-fat (LCHF) way of eating that most of us subscribe to LCHF for Beginners - DietDoctor.com

That site, along with Blood Sugar 101, are what we encourage all people new to this forum to read and study.

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Hi Angie and welcome to the forum! You have found the best place on the internet to learn how to get your bg numbers under control!

Please read the links you have been given thoroughly they will answer almost all the questions you may have. But also feel free to ask any and all questions you may have.

We have most all been there done that with the Diabetes classes. We tried to follow the directions given us only to continue to fail to lower our numbers. LC/HF is what brought most of our numbers down with the added bonus of weight loss for many of us. Unfortunately the educators can't talk about lc/hf under threat of losing their jobs/licenses. Big Pharma wants us to keep taking as many meds as they can sell us, not get better through diet. They are huge contributors to the ADA/CDA and they want to keep that money rolling in.

Once you get your meter, start testing everything you eat. We are all different and can tolerate different foods so you need to build your own "safe food" list. You do this by a method we call eating to your meter. Keep a food journal of every thing you eat amounts and/or portion. Then test your bg before you start your meal. Write it in the journal by the meal. This is your baseline. Test again at one hour after first bite. This in most people is where the spike will be if there is one. Then test again at 2 hours after first bite. By now your bg should be starting go come back to the baseline. If not, test again at 2.5 hours and 3 hours until you are back to where you started. Write all these numbers down in the journal. This is the true test of what you can and can't safely eat. If you do get a big spike look at the foods you ate and see if you can identify the likely culprit. Did you eat bread? pasta? rice? "healthy" grains? carrots? etc, you will soon see that not all "healthy" foods are healthy for diabetics.

It is a lot of work in the beginning but soon you will have your own personal list of safe foods that you don't have to test each time you eat them.

Looking forward to getting to know you better!

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Hi Angie! Since you said it first, I'm going to agree that your doc is crazy for not putting you on metformin, and also for recommending so dang many carbs in your meals! It's all those carbs that are keeping your blood sugar high, and yet the professionals insist they're necessary. B'lieve me, they are NOT necessary! GrammaB hit the nail on the head - they know carbs are bad, but they are obligated to Big Pharma and Big Agra.

There seems to be a sudden big campaign for docs to prescribe Victoza as the first line of defense. My daughter-in-law was recently diagnosed as borderline, and sure enough - there's that Victoza pen in her fridge. I'm not one bit happy about this. There are many serious side effects with this new drug. Metformin has been around for decades, the side effects subside after a few days, and it is the safest possible drug of all. But of course nobody makes any money off metformin.

If your own first instinct was metformin, I would confront your doctor about it. There's no earthly reason why he shouldn't try it first. Ask for the extended release version.

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I would also recommend that you up your drinking --of water as well as decreasing the size of your portions of wheat products. Most of us who post restrict foods with grains but amounts of wheat especially need to be cut back. Adding real butter to vegetables from above ground (no root vegetables) may help you also. Finally, going on a search for a perfectly accurate meter is futile. Watching the trends and keeping track of your body's rhythm is much more important. What you should not do is compare two different meters at the same time. All that would do is frustrate you. Several members of the forum have recommendations and, so far, no one has absolutely banned any meter. (If I missed a post, please chime in.)

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Welcome aboard. I'm pre-diabetic with PCOS too. Managing to avoid the official diabetes diagnosis through Eat to Your Meter techniques and Metformin.

I'm really surprised you were given Victoza too--Metformin is the drug of choice for PCOS--it really works to reduce insulin, which is the primary problem in PCOS (and I have a 14 year old child to prove it ;o). I'm wondering if the makers of Victoza are doing a big marketing push right now or something? (Oh, I see, Victoza is being pushed as a "weight loss drug"--but you should pay attention to this: Diabetes Drugs - Quick Summary "Label contains Black Box warning "Liraglutide injection may increase the risk that you will develop tumors of the thyroid gland, including medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC; a type of thyroid cancer), which may cause death if it is not treated at an early stage." Likely to also cause the abnormal cell overgrowth associated with all incretin drugs that leads to the growth of precancerous adenomas (tumors).May cause renal [kidney] impairment. Study shows it causes more serious rashes than Byetta. Vomiting. Nausea. Chills. Headache. Weakness. Blood pressure fluctuations. Tooth pain. Constipation. Nasal congestion. Doubles risk of pancreatitis"). Metformin, on the other hand, has a FIFTY year track record of safety (there are adverse side effects but certainly not cancer!) and if you follow Eat to Your Meter you WILL lose weight.

Depending on what meter you have, you can often buy test strips at really good prices on Amazon and other online sites. The Relion meter from Walmart is probably the least expensive as far as test strips (but I find it almost impossible to buy test strips at Walmart because they are behind the pharmacy counter which has odd hours and long lines. And they are often out of stock).

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