Confused by Symptoms...

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Confused by Symptoms...

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Default Confused by Symptoms...


My name is Chris and I am a 41 year old male. Recently, my doctor tells me I am "pre-diabetic" or that I have a "glucose intolerance" after my A1C test came back at 110 mg/. Of course, this concerned me greatly.

She told me to cut down on carbohydrates, eliminate sodas, and exercise more to lose some weight. I started out at 6'2" and 289 pounds. I am now down to 238 pounds and falling.

Even though it was not suggested YET...I went out and purchased a glucose meter to do some of my own research. I have found some odd results and wonder if anyone can explain...

Immediately after eating a HEAVY glucose is usually between 95 and 100. This is fairly normal from what I read.

About an hour after eating a HEAVY glucose climbs to about 120. Also, fairly normal from what I read.

Two hours after eating a HEAVY glucose drops to about 110 or so. Also normal.

Here's the catch...every single morning when I take a fasting glucose's around 125! Way above normal.

So, why would a HEAVY mean not cause me issues (I assume there is enough natural insulin doing it's job) but my fasting glucose is always way to high???

Anybody else have this???

Thank you.

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Your HbA1c figure looks strange. I'm looking for a percentage figure - probably somewhere around 6.0%. Can you have a look at the paperwork and check that please.

Now, I'm going to go back up your post and start with your morning fasting number. That figure tends to reflect your average overall blood sugar and will take a while to come down to a lower figure when you're hungry. Our liver delivers a nice dose of glucose first thing in the morning - have a look at Why Is Blood Sugar Highest in the Morning?

Now, your meal numbers. Heavy or Light doesn't cover it as a description. What was in the meal? That's what matters.

If it was nicely low carb, then your numbers suggest that you've still got a reasonable insulin response and will quite possibly not need to worry too much about medication. If you had data for some of your high carb meals you might (almost certainly would) see a different picture on the numbers.

Now I suggest you have a look at Blood Sugar 101 for a good background on this condition.

And for a good picture on the way of eating you need to take on board, look at LCHF for Beginners -

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'Heavy' in what? If it's a meal heavy in carbohydrate, it will raise your blood sugar. If it's heavy in fat with very little carbohydrate, it won't budge your blood sugar. We do advocate for eating to your meter, so I'm happy to see you've taking the initiative and purchased one. I only hope you got one with cheap strips, because you'll be testing a lot in these early days to determine which foods you can safely eat without spiking your blood sugar. Your doctor's advice is decent as far as it goes, although she errs in believing that weight loss will fix your diabetes, and she needs to be specific about what carbs are . . . the most dangerous carbs are bread of all kinds (muffins, bagels, tortillas - anything made with cereal grains; corn, wheat, rice, oats, barley, etc.), as well as pasta. And whole grains are not exempt - they are just as bad for diabetics as refined grains.

High fasting levels is what are often referred to as dawn phenomenon, and you can search our boards for discussions of this cussed condition.

ETA: Methinks I've stepped all over what John already said. You can consider this strong emphasis on his statements.

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Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. You can't get any better advice that already given. I know for a fact that the advice given here will beat anything you've been at your doctor. When comparing the results of each, the meter won't lie.

Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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One more voice in the chorus.

Can you define "heavy" for us?

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Welcome to the forum, Castle

We're glad you joined our forum. This is a great place for not only help and encouragement, but to answer questions about diabetes.

Your BG numbers don't look too bad and you are in a great position to stop this diabetes thing in its track. If you follow the testing protocol (before eating, 1hr after first bite, 1hr after that), and make adjustments to your diet if any of those numbers are above 140 (120 would be better), then you'll be avoiding developing diabetes complications - which is what all of us on the forum have in common (besides being diabetic).

Stick around here, and ask questions. We can eliminate any confusion you have - which for most newly dx'd diabetics is quite common. There are more lengthy explanations about why morning fasting numbers can be higher than what one experiences throughout the day, but suffice to say - this is typical. Concentrate on your post-meal BG and the fasting level will (gradually) come down.

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For ME a very heavy fat meal at dinner will result in a higher fasting which leads to higher during the day. However I am type 1 and on insulin. This may make a difference because everything raises me. Fat the least but it will keep me higher longer. I do much better with smaller meals and moderate fat. Saturated fat raises me more than mono's like olive oil. Again, I am type 1 and everything raises me so not sure if this applies to type 2

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Keep in mind most BG meters have a 20% variance. A 90=100=110=120. Please do not treat test results as finite.

Our morning highs are due to the dawn phenomenon (DP), a hormonal soup of cortisol and epinephrine our body releases each morning to get ready for the day of mammoth hunting and which also makes us insulin resistant for a few hours.

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Our liver likes to give us bonus glucose to start the day. It may take months of low carb eating before your liver depletes its stores of glucose. As long as it's not over 140, and your after meal numbers are under 140, I wouldn't stress about it. It will come down eventually.

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