Type 2 diabetes- Need urgent help

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Type 2 diabetes- Need urgent help

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Thumbs up Type 2 diabetes- Need urgent help

Hi All,

I am here behalf of my mother in law who was diagnosed for type 2 diabetes for past 15 years. For the past three months she facing the below problems
- Excessive hunger
- Very much reduced sleep
- Upset mind, unable to concentrate on any work
- she feels tired

Please help me to understand what state of type 2 diabetes is this and what are all the medication available for this ?

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Does she have a blood glucose monitor? Is she testing with it?

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I am going to send you to my personal blog, specifically to the part where I describe my journey with type 2 diabetes and how I reversed it.


There are videos there that I suggest you view, most of them are about an hour long, some are short clips. The second one about vegans in Korea, you can skip as the information is partially both Korean and English and it is confusing to look at if you don't understand Korean.

Some here say that diet has nothing to do with controlling diabetes but I say it is, but everyone is different and you have to find what affects your mother-in-law's blood sugar levels. The videos will give you a good grasp as it did me.

Originally Posted by srisha.swamy View Post
Hi All,

I am here behalf of my mother in law who was diagnosed for type 2 diabetes for past 15 years. For the past three months she facing the below problems
- Excessive hunger
- Very much reduced sleep
- Upset mind, unable to concentrate on any work
- she feels tired

Please help me to understand what state of type 2 diabetes is this and what are all the medication available for this ?

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Welcome to DF. None of us are doctors and we cannot give any medical advice to your MIL. She should see her own doctor for a complete workup. That being said how does your MIL manage her diabetes. Does she have a BG monitor and how many times a day does she test. That is the most important thing any diabetic can do. The best thing to do is keep bgs fairly stable during the day. That means no lows and no highs. The way you do this is by finding the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats that keep your bg fairly low. For me that means in the 80-120 range most of the day. Normally my numbers tend to sit around 100-110. If you have a lot of bg spikes and a lot of bg crashes you are on a bg roller coaster which can lead to symptoms your MIL is experiencing. Also what other medication is she on. Sometimes meds do interact and cause side effects. Is she on a diabetes med /insulin right now? They usually start you off on Metformin. If that doesn't work they will add sulfyurea drugs like Glicizide or Glipizide. Then there are the more expensive drugs like Actos, Januvia, Onglyza. Then there are some injectible incretin drugs like Victoza and Byetta. When they have gone through all the type 2 drugs they might start you on insulin to regain bg control. Even with medication it is important to watch the carbs she eats and important to do some exercise every day.

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All of her symptoms are very familiar to me. In my case, they came from constant highs before I knew I had diabetes.

Your MIL will need to consult with her doc on meds and diet. Changes should be expected over time. We Forumfolk can also help a lot with diet, since we all live with diabetes, and many of us have learned how to determine what works best for us.

Frequent at-home tests -- especially upon waking, 1 and 2 hours after first bite of a meal, and at bedtime -- are essential.

Your MIL is very lucky to have you for a son-in-law!

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Well for any Type 2 Diabetic it is important for family members to be supportive. You are doing the right thing by reaching out for information. Based on her symptoms I would make the probable assumption that her glucose levels are not under control. Since she has a history with Diabetes I would keep in touch with a motivated doctor (yes I mean motivated many are not) and encourage her that she must follow his advice and CAN do this. Diabetes can take such a toll on motivation. She may have simply given up her ambition on management. Also it is wise to meet with a Dietitian and educate yourself on what diabetes is and the logistics on food reaction in a diabetic. Good luck. Do not hesitate to reach out.

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excessive hunger, type 2 diabetes

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