Janumet vs. Kombiglyze XR

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Janumet vs. Kombiglyze XR

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Question Janumet vs. Kombiglyze XR

I've been a type 2 diabetic for 3 years and I've tried four different medications. Originally I was taking Metformin 500mg daily and my blood sugar control was nearly perfect. About 10 months later I had to increase the dose of Metformin because my blood sugar levels were increasing. Over the next year I worked up to taking 2000 MG a day and it wasn't enough to control my blood sugars. I was 240+ with my fasting blood sugars. My doctor then prescribed Glipizide. My blood sugars were still 180-280 in the morning, but would plummet 2 hours after breakfast to 50-60. From there my doctor said it was all about portion control and exorcising. I changed my diet and I started to do some exorcising but I couldn't get my fasting blood sugars to a better level. I lost 60 pounds. (When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I weighed 270lbs.)

About 3 months ago I moved to a different state and got a different doctor. She basically said that glipizide was notorious for dropping your blood sugar too low and that we should lower the dose from 20mg to 5mg a day. She also prescribed me Janumet 50/1000, twice a day. I went to the Januvia website and got a month free dose and my doctor gave me two months of samples while we dealt with my health insurance, trying to get pre-authorization. During those 3 months, my appetite decreased dramatically and my fasting blood sugar levels dropped from 180-280 to 90-120. I never saw a blood sugar spike past 170. My A1-C dropped from 7.2 to 6.7 and I lost another 20lbs.

Two weeks ago, my insurance declined to pay for the Janumet medication, but agreed to pay for Kombiglyze XR instead. This is where I started having problems. I assumed that Kombiglyze is Janumet put out by a different company. I've looked up many different websites and they all say that the Janumet and the Kombiglyze XR are essentially the same. However, I'm only taking 1 Kombiglyze a day (5/1000 at dinner) and my blood sugar levels tonight hit 290. (I'm not eating anything particularly different or carb intensive with dinner. I had a sandwich for breakfast, which is normal.) Also, my appetite in the past two weeks has increased.

I guess my main concern is what is the difference between the Janumet, that was working so well, and the Kombiglyze XR that is not.

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If there's any other information I need to provide, please ask and I will respond accordingly. Thanks!

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Personally I wouldn't take either one of them. Your numbers are high enough that it warrants insulin, which is far safer than any of the other type 2 meds. I'm not a doctor though and I typically go against their advice. I only want a prescription for insulin and pump supplies, strips and stuff like that.

Already I see something wrong with what you eat and that is a sandwich every am. Drop the bread, all gluten and grains and see if you don't get better numbers. It could be you could become medicationless. I would take the metformin though.

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Hi CharmSmilez. You have done well in loosing some of the excess weight, good for your overall health and perhaps helpful in lowering some insulin resistance, but it is not the answer to controlling your BG. Sounds like you are still eating a lot of carbs, way too many for a diabetic. Many on this forum are no more than 50 grams per day of carbs, and several are only eating 20-30 grams. Can you give us some idea of how many grams of carbs you typically eat per day.

You were probably insulin resistant early on and the metformin lowered the resistance and you did well. Your pancreas beta cells were working overtime to keep up with the insulin demand at that time, but began to make less and less because some of the beta cells quit functioning. The glip then forced the remaining beta cells to work even harder to produce more insulin, regardless of timely needs. Eventually more beta cells quit functioning. Most meds force more insulin to be produced but the source of the insulin is slowly dying off, so not a good thing to do, not to mention the dangerous side effect that are potentially waiting to surface.

Reducing the carbs one eats is the surest, safest way to control your BG and with a minimum of meds. Metformin and insulin are OK if needed, but maintaining a very low carb way of eating will minimize the amount of meds needed.

Bloodsugar101 and LCHF should be reviewed, I am assuming you had been given the links or seen them in other threads since joining the forum.

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Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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Hello and Welcome Charmsmilez! Many of us here have been following the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle and all of us have had amazing results in controlling our blood sugar levels (no doubt some have not been successful, I am just not aware of any). This is outlined on the website mentioned above 'Blood Sugar 101'! Many of us have lost substantial weight as a RESULT of following the LCHF model.

I personally started following the LCHF model on 5/1/15. Since then I have lost 45lbs going from 320 to 275 so far! Although weight loss was not my goal, getting my A1c from 7.3 down to 5.8 as of July 2015, gave me the added benefit of that weight loss! Not to mention my blood pressure is now at 125/80 and Cholesterol is right where it should be....what is not to like about this? Do the reading and give it a try, you will be amazed!

By the way my doctor put me on Januvia about 7 years ago. It did not seem to help me with BS control, but I did start getting frequent upper respiratory infections. After a year I got off of it and never looked back and since then I have had no upper respiratory infections. I now control my BS with 2000mg of metformin and a 30u injection at night of slow acting insulin. By eating LCHF, I have reduced my nightly injections from 126u to 30u. Some on here have been able to get off of all meds! Not all of us can do that, but many have a shot at it...!

Doctors treat diabetes with more meds, we learn to treat ourselves by eating LCHF and less meds!

Good luck

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