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John13 02-06-2016 06:05

New Member

My name is John and have had laser surgery on my eyes
three times now.It would seem that the lasers are having no effect
and now they want to inject something in there.
I am really terrified at the prospect of going blind.
I wont be able to work or look after myself.

Has anyone had experience with this?
What can I do to improve or is it hopeless? 02-06-2016 08:52


Please tell us a bit more about your overall situation with diabetes. Things like your overall blood glucose control (HbA1c and regular blood glucose checks - medication, diet etc).

On the forum we have found that getting a firm control of our blood sugar helps a lot even with complications but without a bit more information we can't be sure if we're pointing you in the right direction.

VeeJay 02-06-2016 13:33


Originally Posted by John13 (Post 1071578)
What can I do to improve or is it hopeless?

For diabetics the first and most important thing to help with diabetes complications is to get blood sugar down to near-normal levels, all the time, and keep it there.

Please tell us what your blood sugar management is, what kinds of insulin you are using, what your diet is (and how many carbs you are eating) and what your BG (blood glucose) levels are when you test and when those times are in relation to your meals.

With this kind of information, the members here can get to know you better and can give more specific suggestions and answers to your questions.

div2live 02-06-2016 16:20

John what are you being treated for Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Detached Retina, etc. Lasers are now being used to treat many conditions. I personally have been diagnosed last year with Glaucoma my internal eye pressures were up to 11, so they did laser treatments over a 3 month period on both eyes. Fortunately, it worked and reduced my pressures to normal levels. But, typically they only last for 4-5 years. They can do the surgery again, but each time they do them, you have less chance of success. After that you have to go to drops, which work, but make your eyes and tissues around the eyes look red and inflamed.

My father in law who just turned 100 yrs old, has had the wet form of macular degeneration for over 8 years and is taking the shots (dry form is different). They give him Ilea (not sure of the spelling) injections every 4 months (our Retinal Specialist, claims it is the best of the injections available.) They are working and his vision is holding study at 20/40. I would not let anyone do these injections unless he/she were a Retinal Specialist, not a normal Ophthalmologist.

For all of you that do not know, these treatments are one of the least painful things you can have. They numb the eye with drops and you feel nothing either before or after these treatments.....! Easier than a finger stick!

Good Luck, hope this helps...

mbuster 02-06-2016 16:25

John13, welcome to the forum. Do tell us more.

John13 02-07-2016 22:54

I am 37 years old and have had Diabetes for 20 years.
I take Lantus and Novo Rapid and weigh about 140p
My last A1c was 13.6 back In dec 2015>I know this is high and have no excuse,I'm working at improving this.

I'm being treated for Non Proliferative Retinopathy.

I'm in the process of correcting a lot of things in regards to my Diabetes management.I should have never stopped going to my appointments or asking for help but I assigned my health the back seat as I allowed my Job and finances to become my main focus.

VeeJay 02-07-2016 23:14

John13 - it's a good thing that you are now ready to address your diabetes management. One thing about this forum, it is a great motivator and visiting here daily helps keep one on track. In real life we rarely meet another diabetic, and if we do, they usually aren't managing it very well. But here, we are in company of many diabetics who are dedicated to gaining and keeping good control, so we help each other do what it takes.

I'm dropping in a quote of a post from from another thread that has a couple links that may be relevant to you now. If you haven't already known about Dr. B and his book, you may want to purchase a copy, but a lot of it is available online at his website.

mbuster 02-08-2016 02:09

Good for you John for resetting your priorities. Your health should come first, lose it could mean no job, no money.

John13 02-08-2016 07:36

Thanks for the link for Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution Book VeeJay
I will have to check it out.

And I know what you mean mbuster.
I feel like such a fool because for the past couple of years I have been so determined to succeed and now it would seem all that hard work was in vain because if i go blind what was it all worth?

div2live 02-08-2016 16:21

Welcome, many of us on here have walked the road you are walking. The good news is that we all have found a way that we can take control of our disease. Many of the conditions that are caused by poor control of diabetes can be reversed, to some degree, by getting the blood sugars down and keeping them down. Of course this is not a cure, but it does offer some hope....of improvement.

Of course the first step is getting your blood sugar under control 24/7! To do that we all recommend learning and following our eating lifestyle, outlined in Blood Sugar 101 (website or book)! Their you will learn how to eat low carb high fat (LCHF) food and 'Eat to our meters'....Get the knowledge then do the work to can do it, we all have....

As you clearly now understand, not doing this can have severe consequences...

Good Luck

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