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New old guy on the block

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Default New old guy on the block

I am 72 year old male diagnosed about 4 years ago with Diabetes type II and more recently (3 months) Diabetic Neuropathy. I am ashamed to admit it but while I was concerned with the diagnoses, since my GP Dr. who diagnosed it from test, thought I could control it with diet and exercise and no requirement to test my blood sugar except for our 3 month check up and blood work. I see now I allowed myself to be lulled into a feeling of while it's not good news it was not a huge issue. WRONG!!!!! My fault and now I am hoping and praying my apathy has not really screwed me up. I was very active physically going to the fitness center almost every day and lost about 75lbs (from 195lbs - 5ft 8" like.....obese) Soon after I had back surgery (herniated disc L4/L5). Well that put a stop to the serious exercise. I have now bloomed up to 140lbs . I see a Podiatrist regularly and He says my Neuropathy is not advanced or too serious at this time and prescribed METHYLB 12/L-MFOL/B6 (METANX) 2-2-35 mg tablet) I have a appointment with a Diabetic Specialist Doctor but will have to wait until July this year for appointment. My question is to anyone who has dealt with this issue is, since I play golf and walk the course rather than ride, does this sound problematic. I told the Podiatrist I was walking and He did not say no. I played the other day and had some foot discomfort which could be from my being 40-50 lbs. overweight or may be the Neuropathy causing the discomfort. I would not describe it as pain, simply discomfort. Is walking with good footwear problematic. I went by and bought a couple pair of diabetic socks but must have had a allergic reaction because after playing I had red spots like a rash on my ankle and shin-no itch or pain. Well I'll close now. I realize this forum is probably not a "help me doctor" site but just would like to hear from others preferably golfers about possible cures and if my walking is a problem. Thanks in advance.

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Hi luggage. Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum

While this site doesn't offer medical advice, what we do is relate our own experiences with various aspects of diabetes, including neuropathy.

I don't have neuropathy, but from reading of others' experiences here, it seems that the very most important thing in reducing symptoms of neuropathy is to get blood sugar levels down to as close to normal as one can. Any blood glucose (BG) level above 140 is contributing to the damage of organs and nerves. Most of the members here try to keep BG below that level - at all times, even after meals - and many of us target 120 as the highest we are willing to have our BG go. Those who have neuropathy say that when they've had their BG under good control for a period of time, the severity of their neuropathy lessens and, for some, completely goes away (as long as their BG stays low).

A couple resources for you as you consider gaining better control of your diabetes.

Blood Sugar 101 After reading on this site you'll probably know more about diabetes than your doctor (especially the one who said you didn't need to test). And speaking of testing, pay attention to the section "How To Lower Your Blood Sugar" which is a testing protocol we on the forum subscribe to - and often refer to it as "Eat To Your Meter"

Low Carb for Beginners A way of eating that facilitates lowering blood sugar levels. If one doesn't consume the foods that raise it in the first place - carbohydrates - one has a good chance of keeping BG low and stable. Low-carb/high-fat (LCHF) has been a tool for many diabetics to be successful in their diabetes management - it is the only tool I use.

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Hi luggage - welcome to the forum. Congrats on the weight loss, but sorry to hear you're having the beginnings of neuropathy. Since you aren't having pain from it, hopefully if you get your blood sugar in line, the neuropathy will improve. It's not always permanent, though often is.

I have the beginning tingling of neuropathy (side effect from another disease and meds I must take for it), and was told by my specialist doc at a teaching hospital to take certain supplements to help guard against. Two of them are alpha-lipoic acid (250 mg) and acetyl-l-carnitine (500 mg), each of which I take 2x/daily. I mention it because several people with my same disease reported the supplements had helped their neuropathy a lot - others said they made no difference - but it's worth a try. Since I started them before the side effect tingling started, I can't know if it would have been worse without, but am staying on them.

I also massage my feet with Palmer's Cocoa Butter which some people reported giving some relief. I've not noticed any particular benefit as some have, but makes my feet feel great anyway!

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welcome to the forum! I had a L4-L5 partial laminectomy 22 years ago. I am able to do some exercise with low weights at the gym, in fact it has helped me regain some lower back strength and reduced the pain. Check with your doctor to see if this could help you. I'm 61 years old. By the way, walking is supposed to be a great exercise!

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