So Confused!

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So Confused!

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Default So Confused!

Hi! I was just dx December 2011 as type 2. I've been working at this for a few months and having some success. Started out with a1c of 11. Blood glucose reading ranging from 300-525. Yes, 300 was fasting. My fasting readings now are about 130-150. I test 4x (sometimes 8x) a day. I'm on Novalog sliding scale, Metformin 500mg 2x a day and synthroid 25 mg 1x a day.
My main problem now is that my novalog doesn't seem to work at all unless I give myself a few extra units. I think I may have a little insulin resistance going on. If I follow what my dr. suggests I hit 300 levels. I try to keep my carbs around 30g per meal and 15 or less at snacks. I find myself absolutely starving to death most of the time. I can not control my hunger, but i try really hard to resist the urge to gobble up everything in the
My liver enzymes are very high and dr cant seem to figure out what is causing it. I'm just frustrated with the whole thing. I work really hard to eat well, but still my readings are crap unless i give myself a few extra units of novalog.

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Cut the carbs in all your meals and snacks and the hunger will subside if you eat enough fats and fewer carbs. it only takes a couple of days, if that. You will be amazed! Aim for 30 carbs for one day and it is pretty painless.

Good luck,

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Welcome, Misnew!

Glad you found us ... sorry you had to. You'll find lots of info and support here.

I'm also a Type 2 on insulin. My readings were similar to yours right after diagnosis. Recommended diet was similar, too, though slightly higher carb.

What I learned was that -- even on insulin -- I simply cannot hack 15g carbs per snack, let alone 45g carbs per meal.

So, I had to eliminate bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and fruit from my diet. Carrots, nuts and legumes went out, too. BUT ... I learned (mostly here on the Forum), to eat good natural fats: real butter, mayo and cream, full-fat cheese, good oils such as olive and coconut. The fats helped with the hunger. You may find that this diet will help with your liver enzyme readings, too.

I also had to increase my insulin dose gradually, 1u every 3 days, until I could eat something without spiking and get my fastings under 130 (they're now in the 75-90 range).

Please keep us posted!

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Try to have one meal which includes literally no carbs.Something like chicken or fish in white creamy mushroom sauce. Have loads of it and fill your stomach. Eat to your hearts content. (Make sure it has very low carbs 5-10gms)

You will realise that you are full, not hungry after the meal and post meal numbers will be low

The point being made is that eating carbs makes you more hungry and crave for me. They are like drugs. Addictive

Try to structure your meals around fat and protein. Aiming no more than 30 gms of carbs a day will be good.

You are currently at 150 gms of carbs. Try to start reducing these.

It is very important that keep checking a lot. You may have to reduce your insulin. Less carbs means less insulin required

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HbA1c 5.9 (Feb 2019)
Novarapid = 4-5 at breakfast (no other insulin)
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I had been using Glyburide before using insulin. When I tested my insulin resistance after using Glyburide I found not only did I have insulin resistance, I had total blockage (immunity) to insulin to the tune of 1.5 U insulin per hour, that is a 3 U shot of Novolog did absolutely nothing! It took about 6 months on insulin to become just insulin resistant.


ColaJim, Age 73
Type 2 (very advanced Metabolic Syndrome ) for about 15 years but "insulin/oxygen resistant" for about 40 years
HbA1c 6.4 October 2014

now taking:

Novolog as required
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Thanks for the suggestions and advice. Although, I think I may have made some misconceptions in my intro. I do have a lot of meals that only have around 15-0 carbs. I shoot for the lowest carbs possible. I read labels on EVERYTHING! My Dr. didn't put me on any certain diet, kinda left it up to me. I have found my best advice lurking around posts on here so far. I was told i have diabetes given medicine and sent on my way. So much for Dr help, huh? Last Dr visit, I was told I was on the right track cause I've lost 10 lbs (started loosing weight before dr visit I'm up to 60 lbs so far) and my bgl were good for the most part. I have cut out bread, rice, most fruits and soda. I was a drinking 4-6 sodas a day at 46 carbs each before my dx. That was my first thing i cut out. I'm gradually getting better and will contine to learn better control...If i've learned anything its to have patience and stick to educating myself on this dreadful disease!

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