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Me (brand new here)

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Default Me (brand new here)

I am Stephen a 50 yr old type 1 with 27 years history of diabetes.
I struggle with diabetes and the balancing act with regard to insulin and food and the stress of life happening when it is right in the middle of my insulin need time. I often forget to take my shot when I need it and then am reminded when I get sick. Such a sad way to function as a diabetic. However this is me.

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Welcome to the Forum, Stephen!

We have lots of folks here with decades of insulin experience. (I'm sort of a newbie in that area, myself.)

If you don't mind my asking (we're a nosy bunch) ... what kind of dosage schedule are you on? That info might lead a member or two to suggest some answers for you.

Please have a comfy seat, browse a lot and ask lots of questions!

DX'd April Fool's Day, 2011 - T2
Female, 58, 5'7", 150 lbs.
A1C 13.5 -> 6.7 ->5.4 (1/31/14)
Humulin-N (basal) - Humalog (rapid bolus)
Biotin --10,000mcg (for hair health)
One-A-Day Women's 50+ Advantage
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Hi, Stephen! i'm glad to meet you and I feel you'll find some helpful answers here if you tell us more about yourself. Lots of wisdom here.


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Hey Stephen,
Welcome to the forum.
Would like to hear more about your management of diabetes including your dosages and diet approach...



HbA1c 5.9 (Feb 2019)
Novarapid = 4-5 at breakfast (no other insulin)
Metformin 1000 mg

Lifesytle: LC, exercise most days

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Welcome to the boards.

DxT2: 1/26/2010: 6'2" 268lbs. A1C 7.8, FBG 266
A1C: 1/2010: 7.8 ; 6/2010: 4.7 ; 9/2010: 5.1 ; 12/2010: 5.2 ; 4/2011: 5.3 ; 9/2011: 5.3

Completely Off Medication December, 2010.

9/2011 Lab Work Results (4/2011 in parenthesis)
A1C: 5.3 (5.3)
Cholesterol: HDL 134 (133) LDL: 53 (53)
Triglycerides: 29 (30)
Current Weight: 195

I am sometimes too "harsh". I feel that sometimes one must be "harsh" to get the point across.
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Well I am on a pump taking about 20 units basil and 8 to 1 carb ratio with a 35-1 correction factor (should be 45-1). My nurse seems to know much better than I how to set things (in her mind) and keeps trying to make all my decisions for me even when I know they are not what I need.

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Originally Posted by ssmrfixit View Post
Well I am on a pump taking about 20 units basil and 8 to 1 carb ratio with a 35-1 correction factor (should be 45-1). My nurse seems to know much better than I how to set things (in her mind) and keeps trying to make all my decisions for me even when I know they are not what I need.
Dare I ask if you've had diabetes since before she was born?! Know-it-all professionals - I swear!

Welcome to DF, Stephen . . . and forgive a cranky old woman her smart mouth.

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Hello Stephen, welcome! You must learn to develop a consistent schedule and take the correct amounts of insulin before every meal and snack, and your basal dosages on time too. If you have too much high blood sugar, you can have serious diabetes complications. You probably know that. There is a book called "Using Insulin" by John Walsh that may help. I have been type 1 for 66 years, and am very healthy. If you have good control you can have a long, healthy life!


I have been Type 1 for 73 years. My A1c is 6.2. I pump with the MM 630, and I am using the Dexcom G5.

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I am 50 for another day and a half. This is my 37th year of battle. The number one prescription for any diabetic, IMHO, is to become involved in a forum. I've met some wonderful people who helped me pull out of probably a worse funk than yourself.

Most of our problems are fairly simple to fix, but amazingly doctors and nurses can't see them. Insulin issues are closest to nature to a computer program. Your best advisor IMHO is a computer programmer. Ask them to debug your program and let them run with it One I figured that out, this programmer started flying!

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John Walsh also authored another book that might help you: Pumping Insulin. Your pump can do many things for you, but you'll have to put in the work to get it set up properly for you. No one else can really do that - not even the nurse. How long have you had the pump?


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