Introducing myself!

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Introducing myself!

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Default Introducing myself!

Hello Everyone!
I am fairly new to this... I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2015. Went the entire year of 2015 with little to no knowledge of where my pre-diabetes came from. My family has NO history of diabetes on mother and father side. I travelled from doctor to doctor until we all figured out that my pre-diabetes was stemming from medications that I were on and still currently am on! In 2016 I become a type 2 diabetic. I am classified as uncontrolled diabetic still to this day.

My A1C is at 11.2. But just retested and has dropped to 11. My blood sugar runs in morning from 150 to 160. My afternoon sugars run before eating almost the same or higher. After I eat I go up in the 200's. At night I run high 300's. I eat many fruits and veggie no bread no pasta. I eat boars head meat without carbs. Sad! I don't starve myself but I'm not improving. I currently see 4 doctors for my diabetes. My endocrinologist, family doctor, podiatrist, and my psychiatrist for my diabetes.

The medications I currently am on are:
Toujeo insulin 50 units at night for diabetes
Farxiga 10mgs in morning for diabetes
Gabapentin 300mgs 3x a day for foot pain due to diabetes
Latuda 120mgs a day for mental issues
Abilify 10mgs a day for mental issues
Xanax .05mgs a day for anxiety.

My medication is what causes my diabetes to be so bad. I listen to my doctors about my conditions but kinda fall into a bad spot. Either I go mental without my meds or be sane with them but live with high sugar. Both doctor expect me to continue to take my meds but I just feel at a lose. I am trying with weight control and exercise with right foods but still I am uncontrolled. Just frustrated! Mentally drained.... feel scared.

I know I'm not alone because both doctor have seen this in mental patients, we are trying weekly to get meds regulated. Still no luck.

Hope I can meet some people that are struggling with the same problem as myself. I just figured I would put it out there to see if others are struggling also. My family doesn't understand because they do not have diabetes so I turn to all of you for knowledge.

Thank you for reading my long post. Hope to talk to you all soon.


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Hello, LuvMyIB

My heart goes out to you after reading your story. It must be very frustrating to be in the position you are in with the meds.

As you read through the forum threads you'll find that many of us have reduced carbohydrates to help lower our blood sugar. You might want to consider doing this so that the diabetes meds and insulin might be more effective for you.

If you have any questions about diabetes we're here to help and support you.

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Welcome to the community, @LuvMyIB.

I am so sorry you are going through these challenges, but I truly believe that coming here is a step in the right direction to begin to get your diabetes under control.

Please take a moment to watch this video.

Once you have watched it, please come back and read more.

Others will definitely jump in to help with more resources and of course we will be here to continue to help.

This community has been a wonderful support system for me.

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Welcome, LMIB!

I am not in your position relative to the medications you're taking. But I'm wondering if there is one care provider among the four you have who is coordinating your care? I know from helping to care for very sick members of my family that many specialists seem to diagnose/prescribe in a bit of a vacuum.

Could there be one doctor (say, your GP or primary care provider) who could coordinate the medications you're taking and ask the other doctors if there are different meds you might take to address your new diagnosis?

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Welcome LuvMyIB,

You have just surrounded yourself with a very large group of fellow diabetics. You will find that many of us have secondary medical issues that impact our diabetes. We will share our experiences and tell you what we have done to get control of this disease.

For me this website saved my life by giving me a method, I could do on my own to take control of my blood sugars, 24/7! The first part of learning how to do this is getting the same knowledge/information that all of us have. In that way when someone suggests something you might want to consider, it will make since to you, since you have the same understanding that all of us have.

So first, watch and listen to the above video from 'Cricket' on type 2 diabetes...
Good Luck

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Welcome LuvMyIB

You have found a place where your might see another option for you to combat this. I know you said you eat right and for the most part it looks like you did but it might help you to get VLC/HF (Very low carb, High Fat).

for instance. I do not eat


I only eat about 30carbs a day. you might need to do this so it would be in your best interest to review your diet totally and possibly make some changes. what your doctor recommended was probably eating the 'good carbs'. Most of us here do not believe that there is such a think. If I could go to 0 carbs, I would. But that is not really possible at get the vitamins and fiber you need

Type your basic diet here... maybe we can help and if there are things that you can tweak, you will be surprised at how low you can get.

As a VERY SIMPLISTIC view, sugar and carbohydrates go nto your bloodstream as glucose and insulin is supposed to push it to the cells so its out of your bloodstream. In type 2 diabetics, this is broken and the blood sugar stays in your bloodstream.

So how to fix this? Stop eating carbs and sugar. if you are not eating the foods that put glucose in your blood, then you cant have high blood sugar.

I KNOW KNOW KNOW there are other circumstances (like your medication) that complicate this BUT if you can remove carbs from your diet then you will only benefit your system and there is less glucose in your blood. it works for most of the members here with type 2 (I cant say all but I havent heard it not help at all for anyone)

Write down your diet
remove all carb possible
eat to your meter (test before the first bite if food and 1 hour after and 2 hours after)
if foods make you go too high... consider removing them.

There are a ton of foods that you will be able to eat . You will see the ADA recommendations have been hurting people with type 2 diabetes.

One step at a time... I would IMMEDIATELY stop eating fruit unless some medication absolutely requires it.

Then post your diet if you feel comfortable and lets get together and help you find what will be a good starting point.

You can do this!!! I believe in you and I know you want to. Read the peoples stories here. this is not a fad or something that we have not FULLY tested out. this is real and this is science.

Here are some good starting points to read

Blood Sugar 101 - VERY informative and accurate a tried and true testing method lists foods for LCHF

""You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever the doctors want you to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." "
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Thank you all for the knowledge and warm welcome. I am going to do just what everyone has said I must cut out fruit. I do not eat pasta or bread usually I just eat meat veggies and fruit. I just went for blood work so hopefully my a1c has come own. Not sure until I go to my appointment next week.
I feel like I found the right forum to be in for the knowledge I need from people who suffer with this awful problem.
Again thank you!

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