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fjk2013 09-22-2017 17:11

New to the forum

Just an introduction to all on the forum I recently joined.
I am a 57 year old male with type 2 and hypertension diagnosed at the beginning of 2013.

Decided to join in the hopes of seeing from others what works or does not work for them; specifically in lowering their fasting glucose and A1C.

I have started following a LCHF diet for the last two months and have seen dramatic changes in weight.

Currently, I am struggling with fasting blood sugar levels increasing and this is due to my physician prescribing a low dose statin to take; based on age, gender and T2DM this is the recommended approach to prevent CVD by medical community. Although, there is no history of CVD in my family other than diabetes and hypertension. I really want to lower the amount of meds I take or eliminate some if possible.

Suffice it to say, the statin has been driving my fasting glucose level up.
Interest is if anyone has taken berberine together with metformin and what their experience is.

I also started taking Ubiquinol CoQ10 and L-Carnitine; these two have helped with increase in energy level and the LCHF diet has aided me in losing 21 lbs in 12 weeks. To lower some of the fasting glucose I take R-Lipoic Acid this helps a little but is not enough. Average fasting glucose of 145 and it would be 115-120 without the statin.

Blood work taken today (3 months since being on the statin) as requested by physician.

Scheduled to meet with physician next week to discuss lab findings (the supplements I now take, my observations over these 90 days) and the next steps of where I want to take my healthcare.

If my lab findings are close to the cholesterol wellness screening (finger stick blood draw) offered at a local hospital two days ago then I can be the poster child for Lipitor; my numbers are even lower than what is recommended as the optimal level.
If I am to continue on a statin then I would prefer one that does not raise my glucose level since that to me is a greater risk in the next 5-10 years than having heart disease.

Cricket 09-22-2017 17:59

I take Beberine with Metformin.

You can read my story with it here.

Cricket 09-22-2017 18:02

By the way, welcome to the community, @fjk2013.

I look forward to seeing more post from you. :smile2:

itissteve 09-23-2017 01:37

Welcome, fjk2013!

My situation is similar to yours (same age and diagnosis though I already had the hypertension and numbers on the border of calling for a statin).

I, too, am using a LCHF way of eating to lose weight and lower my blood glucose. I should do a little math in my tracking spreadsheet, but after three months of LCHF my fasting blood glucose of 115-125 most mornings is my highest reading all day :smile2: I have no idea how much weight I've lost but I keep putting new holes in my belt so I must be losing some! LCHF can be difficult at times but it does seem to work.

By all means discuss with your doctor options for a different statin -- or, really, whether your lab results (especially after your next A1c/cholesterol test) even warrant taking one anymore. I would recommend doing some of your own research on the pluses and minuses of statins. Some folks just don't do well on them or don't tolerate well the side effects that particular statins have.

I'm not a doctor. But we have to advocate for our own care. We're the ones who have to live all the time with our diabetes and whatever other conditions we've acquired in life. Let your doctors be your guides but remember that you're still in charge! :smile2:

fjk2013 09-23-2017 11:15

Thank you for the information you shared; it is very much appreciated.
I agree with everything you said. Physicians in general do mean well but I think many just treat the symptoms or what they see on blood values without treating the patient as a whole. Everyone has a unique situation, what works for one does not work necessarily work for all.

For the last three months I have done quite a bit of research online reading Clinical Study Reports on PubMed while searching for some answers on blood sugar rise due to statins. Pravachol or pravastatin (generic) was the only statin that FDA exempted from a label change to indicate rise in A1C and fasting blood glucose. Although it is not as efficacious as Lipitor or atorvastatin(generic) in lowering cholesterol. But in my case my initial numbers for cholesterol were within the normal range for someone that is not Type 2 or have hypertension.
I set up a small spreadsheet just to see what my baseline numbers; the expected numbers provided by the pharma companies and my actual values based on blood draw. I included what if scenarios to compare the two statins using my initial baseline and what we should expect for numbers; plus diet and lifestyle changes. I have the data to show my physician (hopefully I will not bore him) but I feel confident that he will listen.

Old school project management stated if you can track it then you can manage it; if you can manage it then you can change it; if you can change it then you are in control.

I track most of my information(BP#s, glucose med quantity) daily on an Excel spreadsheet that I started back in early 2013. It has expanded now to include my weight, daily estimated A1C (based on avg morning blood glucose; its pretty close to lab result value) and Actual A1C (when blood is drawn).

If I recall I used one of the templates from Microsoft Excel for tracking BP and Glucose; most of the work was already done and I built/added onto the worksheet.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

Best Regards

TooSweetForMe 09-23-2017 13:17

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

div2live 09-23-2017 16:33

Hello and welcome.....

I am a 67 year old male with type II. I have been a diabetic for over 12 years now. I found this website in April of 2015 and after lots of research and reading I started following LCHF protocol on 5/1/15! At the time my A1c was 6.9 and trending up. I was on Metformin 2000mg and taking slow acting insulin once at bed time...126u which is a ton of insulin and Januvia, . I was also on a statin drug due to 'borderline' high cholesterol and my blood pressure was a bit high I think around 135/95! Like you after going LCHF my blood sugars dropped quickly as did my weight. After 6 months my weight had dropped 50lbs.! Which in turn corrected my blood pressure at 120/75. My cholesterol was still borderline. So based on added research I did I decided to stop taking my statin drug as it was not helping my numbers....

I also went and had a heart scan, which led to a stress test proving to myself and my doctors that my heart arteries were clear of build up and I was not harming myself by not taking statins. Other had told me that when on LCHF your cholesterol would improve after 12 months....and in fact during that second year they slowly improved....

Now I am down 60lbs+ and my cholesterol numbers as of three weeks ago are right where my doctor wants me to be....Cholesterol - 133, LDL - 76, HDL - 44, Triglycerides - 65 I am still on Metformin 2000mg and taking slow acting insulin is down to...26u. I stopped taking Januvia when I started on was making me sick!

Now we are all different, all I can offer is my your own research and whatever you do, do it with your doctors knowledge....

Good Luck

itissteve 09-23-2017 17:39


Originally Posted by fjk2013 (Post 1240842)
I track most of my information(BP#s, glucose med quantity) daily on an Excel spreadsheet that I started back in early 2013.

Another parallel! :smile2: I've been using a spreadsheet (NeoOffice; an open-source Office clone) for my BG/diet tracking -- though mine dates back only four months, not four years.

You have indeed done your research, fjk2013. I tip my hat in your direction.

mbuster 09-23-2017 21:05

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you are following my path as far as the supplements I have taken and some I continue to take. I too was on Lipitor and my doctor was so proud of my cholesterol numbers, 120 total, 42 LDL, 43 HDL. Like you I became more concerned of my BG numbers, My A1c was in the 8+% range and it didn't even get an honorary mention when they told me my lab results, I'm glad I get a copy of all my labs. I questioned what was more likely to kill me, this cholesterol or the BG. The more I searched, I believed it would be the BG, directly or indirectly. I stopped the statin (they can't make me take anything), kept the COQ-10, and went about looking at lowering my BG. Finding LCHF has been the one thing that has done the most to help me get back in control of everything.

My BG has since come down, A1c's in the 5.3-5.5 range, fastings usually are below 100 but that is seasonal for me. I did have quad bypass surgery 2 years ago, I can neither prove or disprove LCHF had played a part in it. I still did continue with LCHF diet but aimed toward a more Mediterranean influence, swapped out some of my dairy fats for olive oil and flax seed oil. I did start a different statin (pravastatin) at a lower dosage, not for cholesterol control but for its anti-inflammatory effect. I am only taking it every other day currently. Just had a semi-annual check up with my cardiologist and everything went well. My BP meds have been decreased with each follow up appointment and I am now taking only 5 mg of Lisinopril, at one time I was 20 mg Lisinopril and 50 mg Metoprolol.

Being in control is a big driving factor for me. The fact that I love my toes better than Twinkles, my eyesight better than pasta, my kidneys better than bread, and keeping my meds at bare minimum, made it easy for me to stick to LCHF. Food is, after all only fuel, and I run better on diesel than I do on ethanol.

Continue doing your homework and you will fair very well. Having diabetes is like driving a car with broken cruise control, you now have to keep your foot on the gas pedal.

MJordan 09-26-2017 03:11

Hi and welcome. I'm a newbie too. So far after 5 months of knowing I am a Type 2 I've really become a bit of a fitness freak. I lowered my carbs (but not to LCHF levels), reduced meal portion sizes, and began walking a lot ... like 3-4 miles a day. Plus I do a 4-mile bike run most days. And the weight has dropped off, 50+ pounds or so from my peak.

But the walking is my best friend. When I cheat and go a little high carbs on a meal, I try to stave off a spike by walking. I'm doing personal research on this (just started). My emerging hypothesis is that well-timed walking can reduce a spike by 50 or more points.

We'll see if my data bears that out.

Again, welcome aboard.

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