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yesdear20003 03-21-2019 17:00

HI , my name is al
I am 57 and i have had type 2 diabetes for a good 5 years now.
I have refused to accept it , it now .

My meter readings averaged 500 to 600 for years

Last couple of a1c were 15.5 and 14.8

My breaking point was last week , when my vision started getting blurry .

Then went to double vision , and my right eye is pointing at nose .

Went to see an eye specialist , been told my high blood sugar levels have stunned a nerve .

But my vision will return to normal in 2 to 3 months..

Since then i have seen a doctor and are taking diabetic meds , everyday now .
( for now anyway)

itissteve 03-21-2019 17:26

Hello, yesdear! Welcome to the forum.

Several of us here (me included) had a hard time at first accepting our diagnosis of diabetes. The disease does not go away. I'm glad you're finally taking some steps to manage it. You'll find a lot of resources here to help you continue to manage it.

rsfletcher 03-21-2019 18:36


Originally Posted by yesdear20003 (Post 1317839)
I am 57 and i have had type 2 diabetes for a good 5 years now.
I have refused to accept it , it now .

My meter readings averaged 500 to 600 for years

Last couple of a1c were 15.5 and 14.8

Didn't you feel really bad physically when you would hit those 500 to 600s? The odd time I'll hit the 360 to 400 range and I feel really lethargic and weak (I've been an athlete most of my life so it's quite a contrast from my usual readings.)

div2live 03-21-2019 19:56

Wow, that is scary older sister also did not deal with her diabetes until she ended up in the hospital. Her health declined from there and she passed away in March of 2018. I tried everything to get he to consider eating low carb high fat and reading the websites below, but she has always been stubborn and she finally paid a dear was very sad for all envolved!

I am glad you are starting to take meds and look for other ideas. Check out the websites below, this is what I did in 2015 (I actually read a book on the same subject) and that led me to following the low carb high fat model! It saved my life....Good Luck

mbuster 03-21-2019 22:13

Hi yesdear20003, welcome to the forum. Sorry that it took your vision messing up to get you to open your eyes to your diabetes, but am glad you are making moves to try to fix it.

Just curious if your doctors were telling you just how serious your BG was and you were just in denial or if they weren't making that big of a deal about it. I know my doctors were telling me that I was border line for a few years and never gave me a reason to be too concerned.

yesdear20003 03-22-2019 00:01

My best meter reading was 840

Was told I was trembling , but I never noticed it.

I totally lost all my saliva for days , and it took me weeks to recover from that one .

But , like last summer i was drinking 10 sodas in a 8 hr period , day in day work

Best being 15 mountain dews in 8hrs , chocolate , chips , cookies etc ..

I ate everything that I shouldn't have ate and plenty of it..

And I felt fine for the most part , I have a physically demand job (steel construction)
So I am always moving .

My doctor told me , I was gonna collapse and go into a coma

I didn't have time for that

But right now , my vision is screwed up and i am worried about work as i return next week.

VeeJay 03-22-2019 01:01

Wow, you were really in bad shape. (Although I'd say your "best" was really your worst glucose levels.)

Are you worried about not being able to work with blurred vision? As your blood sugar comes down, your vision should improve. What are your blood glucose (BG) readings now? (I assume you have a meter.)

yesdear20003 03-22-2019 01:40

223 right now

yesdear20003 03-22-2019 02:26

My double vision , which is causing me to wearing a eye patch on my right eye ..

For the next 2 to 3 months

Will be have to be able to read the blueprints and be able to see well enough for welding

alamogirl 03-25-2019 21:25

Hi yesdear, welcome to the forum.

I was in shock when I first learned I was T2 even though my parents and one of my siblings were T2. Since then, my other sibling was diagnosed. So far, 5 down, 1 to go. Maybe, my brother will be lucky.

Diabetes is manageable, but at the same time, it can wreak havoc with your health. You have come to the right place. I love it here. I credit this site with helping me lower my A1C, so take a deep breath.

Read everything these folks here recommend. Many of us are on low carb/high fat (LC/HF) and some are on KETO. I lowered my A1C from a 10.8 to what it is now by eating LC/HF.

I watched an old Dr. Oz show when he was still with Oprah. He described high sugar levels as little knives that flow throughout our body nicking and cutting our organs and everywhere our blood flows through eventually causing the organs to stop functioning and vision loss. That was an eye opener for me.

The good thing is you are here. It sounds like you are now ready to take T2 seriously. The "diet doctor" website that div2live recommended is very informative. I refer to it all the time.

Good luck to you, and I really hope you continue to post.

Take care.

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