Hey guys

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Hey guys

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Default Hey guys

My grandmother died due to diabetes, and I am a bit scared that it is hereditary. Two of my cousins suffers from diabetes.
I am here to know more about this illness in the hope of learning more about it.

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mcknzAlex, Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry about your grandmother's passing.

At least as we understand it now, genetically, your likelihood of getting diabetes is somewhat along the same line as your likelihood of having the same eye color as your parents and their parents. If there is more diabetes in your family than just your grandmother, it is more likely that you can be diagnosed with it eventually, too. However, that genetic predisposition comes with a bunch of environmental variables (what you eat, etc.) that also increase or decrease your risk. All that said, there are things you can do (like eating properly and exercising) which will reduce your risk.

Please take a look around this site and check out the links posted in this introduction section. They're good starting points for understanding the various types of diabetes and how we can manage our risk of complications from the illness.

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Now with less sugar!

A1c 09-15-2020: 5.6; no meds. Thank you LCHF!
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Welcome to the forum. I applaud you for taking steps to educate yourself.

I think type 1 is genetic

I think type 2 is a little genetic but I believe with the right diet , it can be prevented.

It is my opinion (and some experts) that type 2 is because of all the carbohydrates that we eat. when you eat carbs, it turns into sugar and goes into your blood. If it stays in your bloodstream it will eat away at your nerves and more so your pancreas releases insulin that goes after the sugar and helps unlock your cell walls and push the sugar into the cell walls.

If you eat too many carbs for too long a period of time, 2 things could happen. your pancreas could get damaged because of all the work its doing and this damage is permanent. once your pancreas is damaged, you can no longer provide the right amount of insulin and the sugar stays in your blood longer. Sometimes the pancreas is ok but your cell walls decide to refuse to take the sugar from the bloodstream and the sugar stays in your bloodstream.

In the 70's the FDA decided that fat was the cause of heart disease and because of that, recommended a low fat diet. By doing this, people had to substitute something for the fat that they are removing from their diet. They added carbohydrates. So now, more and more people are eating too much carbohydrates and its causing an epidemic of Diabetes. Some studies show close to 50% of Americans have Diabetes or PreDiabetes (a lot UN-diagnosed).

so what can be done? If you really want to help your odds from getting diabetes, you should look at the carbs you eat and find ways of lowering them. I would also take a home test to see what your Blood Glucose is. Buying the device is not terribly expensive and it might be peace of mind. You can take the test once every 6 months as long as your test comes out normal.

Being overweight also can increase your odds from getting it but I believe a lot of that is because being overweight and eating too many carbs are usually tied together.

people get diabetes for other reasons and you might be more likely to get it because it runs in your family but if you take steps to prevent it, you can prevent it or delay it significantly.

ok, that was long winded enough... If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask us.


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Here are some good starting points to read

Blood Sugar 101 - VERY informative and accurate
http://www.diabetesforum.com/diabete...ng-method.html a tried and true testing method
https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb lists foods for LCHF

""You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever the doctors want you to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." "
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mcknzAlex, like you, I'm a novice here with perhaps amateur opinions but add this for what it's worth. You make no mention of age but it's big issue with me. While working, I managed a mfg plant over seven acres and walked it over and over all day long, many miles. I could eat a lot of carbs without much affect.

Now retired, a widower and inactive, those same kind of meals are terrible, high carbs, weight gain, rising BG numbers, etc. So add life style to the list of things to consider, and listen to the great pros on this site.

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Originally Posted by mcknzAlex View Post
My grandmother died due to diabetes, and I am a bit scared that it is hereditary. Two of my cousins suffers from diabetes.
I am here to know more about this illness in the hope of learning more about it.
It's not as simple as one would think in regard to Genetics and Type 1 diabetes. Based on my genealogical research Type 1 diabetes skipped a couple of generations in my family and then came back with a vengeance with my sister, me and two of my cousins kids (all the same branch) with type 1 diabetes. But as it has the potential to skip a generation or two you may be okay. My kids - both n their 20s now don't appear to have it and hopefully their kids will not get it either.

The other thing to take note - some research suggests that Type 1 might comprise of several different combinations of genetic mutations and based on the combination of mutated genes may also determine how susceptible one might be to complications regardless of the level of control.

Every year research suggests this auto-immune disease is far more complex.

Have a great day!

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Welcome to the forum mcknzAlex! I don't blame you for being concerned. My parents were T2, and my Dad died due to complications of diabetes. My Mom died from unrelated diabetic issues.

Unfortunately, my siblings and I are all T2 diabetic. Not too sure about my younger brother. None of my 1st cousins on Mom's side are diabetics; however, many of my 1st cousins on Dad's side are diabetics.

I have seen first hand the horrors of diabetes when you don't take care of yourself, as you probably saw with your Grandma. But I have also seen how well you can live if you take care of yourself. I choose to watch what I eat. I am on low carb high fat. Fat meaning coconut oil, olive oil, avocadoes, butter, etc.

Hope you continue to visit and post.

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13 Oct 20:
A1C: 6.2%
Cholesterol: 175
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BP: Cozaar 50mg

Hoping to work myself back to the 5% Club.

Wishing y'all Peace & Love!

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