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Jackpot81357 03-24-2020 18:58

Which Metformin
Hello all, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!! I have a question about Metformin. I have been on the IR 500mg 3 times a day for many years but my A1C was slowly creeping up so my PCP put me on the ER version. I take 500 mg in the am and 1000mg with supper. I see no difference in my blood sugars. I understand that the ER peaks at around 6-8 hrs. Has anyone tried taking an ER 500mg with a IR 500 mg at the same time. The IR would start working while the ER was still ramping up to its peek. Then when the IR was loosing its umph the ER would be kicking in. Hmmmm.

moon 03-24-2020 20:30

My prior experience (not on metformin any longer) was that when I took my metformin (ER) didn't matter. I switched from IR to ER (gastric reasons) but never took them both at teh same time. Alternatively, you might ask your doc about increasing your dose to 2000mg ER (take 2x/day) which is the maximum dose. That might be more effective than any IR/ER effect at a lower dose.

mbuster 03-25-2020 05:21

I agree with moon, and if it hasn't changed, stick with 500 mg tablets, 1000 mg used to cost a lot more.

If that doesn't help your BG, let us know what you are eating and someone might be able to share some changes they've had to make to their diet. Or maybe we might be able to help you lower your BG with out adding more metformin.

Jackpot81357 03-25-2020 15:19

Thanks guys. I actually am going to start a diet soon. I am 5ft 8in and wt is 224 so I realize that plays a part in my blood sugars also. Going to try Noom I think for a few months. My PCP has mentioned in the past to change medications to what ever the new thing is out there but I love the Metforman. I have no side effects at all. Have been on since the beginning 12 years now. I know I have more wiggle room with the dosing ( 1500mg a day) could go up a little more but not sure which one I should use. IR or ER. Too many side effects on the new stuff and I am also allergic to Sulfa.

mbuster 03-26-2020 03:27

You can read about the "new stuff" and the "old stuff" here. Metformin and insulin falls in the "safer stuff" group in regards to potential side effects.

Jackpot81357 03-26-2020 13:25

Thanks! Very interesting reading!

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