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  1. Diabetes
    What does it mean to have a u/a glu 500? I had to give a urine sample. This was on my paper. My blood glucose was 285. I got to go have further blood work next week. Thanks in advance.
  2. Diabetes
    Hi everyone, I wanted to pull a few things from my blood work that stood out. My AST/SGOT was 44 and my ALT/SGPT was 47. My BUN was 6. I took the test fasting but I did not know I had to tell them that I take aspirin and ibuprofen sometimes. Do you think that could have affected my test. I...
  3. Diabetes
    Is it safe for a diabetic to take Adipex to lose weight? I want to lose some weight for my vacation in April and I am having trouble losing it. Iwant my numbers to go down too. I was fasting at 191 yesterday and last night I was at 335. I have an appointment this afternoon to get my results of...
1-3 of 3 Results