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  1. Diabetes
    My wife (type 1, on insulin for a couple months now) had a string of good BG control days---maybe a week or more since a bad day, and then yesterday, it started swinging wildly. I'm taking it as a given that bad BG days are going to happen every now and then although I would hope they could...
  2. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    My type 1 wife and I have sometimes talked about whether it is better for type 1s to eat slow-burning carbs (low GI) or fast-burning carbs (high GI). Of course, it's well known that slow metabolism of carbs is a good thing for type 2s. However, our wondering is based on the fact that her bolus...
  3. Diabetes Medication and Supplies
    I am a T2 that seemingly cannot produce any insulin anymore. Been aware of diabetes since diagnosed in 1994. Probably had high BSL's for a decade before that. Had gestational diabetes years ago. I have been reading "Think Like a Pancreas" and "Using Insulin". Great books! Scared me at first as...
1-3 of 3 Results