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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Lisa, I am a 53 years old female and was resently discharged from the hospital with diabetes 1. My A1c was 12. my blood sugar was 780. My whole life has changed, knowing that my life span has been cut short. Most people assume that you aquire adolescent diabetes when you are...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone My 5 year old Son just being diagnose with Type1 diabetes. as a parent I'm devastated. I would do anything to reverse these disease. I fell powerless, impotent and angry. No he started with his Insulin schedule on NPH and Novo Rapid for quick corrections and Diet of course. But I...
  3. Diabetes Treatment
    Has anyone heard about the clinical trial on Verapamil and the effect on Diabetes type 1? what do you think please, any opinion ?
  4. New Member Introductions
    hello my name is kamal Omar I am diabetic I am 60 years old
1-4 of 12 Results