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  1. Diabetes Complications
    Friend of mine recently diagnosed as Diabetes type 2 has recurrent urinary tract infection .What is the cause for this?
  2. Diabetes Treatment
    After 35 years of brittle Type 1 diabetes, I suffer with chronic diabetic complications. Name it, I have it. The most lethal is kidney failure. Last February I was told I would have to start dialysis, immediately. Dialysis is the treatment I most wanted to avoid. I came to this area to...
  3. Diabetes News
    I found this info out while looking things up about Hypoglycemia this morning. I was trying to find answers as to what exactly causes low blood sugar and came across this article and read it. I thought that this should be put out there cause I didn't even hear of this until this morning. I...
  4. Diabetes Medication and Supplies
    Having troubles with the feet myself, I'm interested in the topic and would like all of you guys who encountered the problem share you experience. I wonder if the spray described can help the healing: An article I've found on my local town news site
  5. Diabetes Treatment
    My 10 year old son has had Type 1 for over 9 years & is only one of a few people in the world to be allergic to insulin, causing sever Lipodystrophy. In 2008 he had his first DiaPort implant. This simple little device was designed for patients with type 2 that are 'insulin resistant' & are no...
  6. Diabetes Complications
    This site has a great list of diabetes complications to help you learn more. I hope you learn some valuable information.
1-6 of 7 Results