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  1. Diabetes Forum Lounge
    Hi everyone :) I would like to introduce my idea to you. Since I am diabetic myself and my best friend is celiac, it concerns me personally. With the bestie, we have a problem finding a cafe ☕ 🧁 that would satisfy our needs. One day I said to myself that it doesn't go on like this and I have to...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello good evening, I introduce myself and greet the forum, I am from New Mexico and my wife has type 2 diabetes and is using cannabis oil drops, has anyone else used them? and do they work for you?
  3. Diabetes Complications
    I feel tired from small amounts of activity, physical and mental. I don't know how I'm going to get well enough to hold a job one day. This condition like the cherry on top of the cursed sundae that is my list of health issues. I pick up my paleo book from the post office tomorrow. Hopefully...
  4. Diabetes
    Things were going good for two weeks, despite an increase in anxiety and the worsening of my schizophrenia. Yesterday and today, I seem to be hit by the blues. Not severe depression, just very awful sadness. My blood sugar doesn't show much change (nothing I didn't see last week or the week...
  5. Diabetes
    During the summer of this year, two tornadoes hit near my area (they destroyed a whole bunch of houses). Many people were without power for a few days, including several relatives of mine. I was wondering, since granola bars are very sugary, what type of food should I store in case of an emergency?
  6. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    What are the top diets for those who have type 2 diabetes?
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi Friends, Just got an unexpected birthday gift which was just few day's before and was really surprised to know I too was diabetic and was really surprised to know so, As I have a maintained diet and do regular exercise as well Can anyone help me to sort this out and guide me the starter...
  8. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    Hey - I am 4 weeks diagnosed, really high BS (17.9) and on 2x1000 Meformin, increased my exercise and following a low carb diet. I am only 41kgs and have high cholesterol so not committing to fully following HFLC just yet. Diet wise, I have cut pasta, rice, potatoes, chips, crisps, cereals...
  9. Diabetes Treatment
    Hello! Desperately need your views/comments on this one. Have been looking for an alternative for my diabetic wound treatment for quite a while now. I opened this up to my doctor he said I should try it if I want to. But I'm still looking for somebody who actually tried or knows someone who can...
  10. Diabetes Treatment
    Hi, all. I'm having a difficulty with my foot ulcer I want it to be completely healed. It has been bothering me for quite a long time now. Very slow healing process and it still has a "necrotic" base as what my doctor described it. I told my sister in law about this, she researched it for me and...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! Gladly I found a forum that will help me in coping up with diabetes. Still treated normally but need to add up more information in order to fight this kind of disease. Thank you for the support.
1-11 of 124 Results