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  1. Diabetes Symptoms
    Hello everyone, I truly hope that a Happy Thanksgiving was had by all, indeed! ! ! :p I'm starting to experience neuropathy more so than I anticipated and really care for, is there anyway to stop this or make this minimal as far as in how it impacts your day to day movement? If someone can...
  2. Diabetes Treatment
    Bobby Orr was on Canada AM promoting a product called LivRelief. One of the products was for nerve pain and they mentioned diabetic neuropathy, which I suffer from. I can barely walk and sleep is almost impossible because the minute the sheets touch my feet I am awake. I decided to give it a...
  3. Diabetes
    I was first diagnosed back in 2004 when I had crashed my dirt bike, had to stay off my busted up ankle for a year and gained 60 pounds. Weight loss and meds kept it in check until I ended up on the streets with no meds, my numbers were above thirty and I ended up in hospital. Everything about...
1-3 of 3 Results