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  1. Diabetes
    Hi all, How do you handle cracked heels? My feet keep drying out. They have did it so much that I have gotten a split from one of my cracks that make my foot hurt sometimes when I stay on it too long. What methods do you all use? All comments welcome. Thanks in advance to all.:smile2:
  2. Diabetes
    Hi everyone, My feet stay cracked and I am having the hardest time keeping them moisturized. They eat up the lotion. Are there an ideas on how to keep them moisturized. Thanks in advance. My doctor hardly ever looks at my feet when I visit.
  3. Diabetes
    Hello Everyone, Its been a long time since I have posted. Do any of you have cold feet a lot? My feet are always cold. What do you do about it? Also do any of you take the medication Gabapentin 300 MB Cap AMN? Thanks. All comments welcome. :)
  4. Diabetes
    Good morning Guys, I wondered what do you guys do for sore feet. I went on vacation March 28 weekend. I wore Sandals on vacation my feet began to hurt so bad. We were on International Drive in Orlando. My feet have been hurting every since. What do you guys do for sore feet?:) Thanks in advance.
  5. Diabetes Treatment
    I have kicked my inside ankle several times and the result is now an open wound that doesn't heal. Dr has prescribed a gel and change of dressing 2x a day. Overnight the wound does get a crust on it but with the gel it goes away. Pharmacist says that I should not let it crust. Seems to me the...
  6. Diabetes
    Hi, I am looking to buy some nice comfy slippers for my grandmother with type 2 diabetes. I came across these Tempurpedic ones that look amazingly comfortable. I wanted indoor/outdoor slippers she'll mainly wear around the house and on her porch. Just wanted to see if they would be okay for...
1-6 of 6 Results