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  1. Diabetes Forum Lounge
    Hi All, I am a type 1.5 diabetic for last 30 years on insulin. I live in Singapore have just left my working for a MNC where bulk of my medication used to be covered. I now have to pay for myself. I was looking for low cost yet reliable glucometer and came across Sinocare a product made in...
  2. Diabetes News
    I've had type 1 diabetes for about 12 years and have worked in the electronic waste recycling industry for the past 3 years. It never ceases to amaze me how much waste we as people with diabetes produce - from sharps and test strips to the glucometer itself. I was recently laid off from an...
  3. Diabetes Treatment
    OK, I am fairly new to this, but for some weird reason, when I prick my fingers, only a teeny tiny drop of blood comes out, not even enough for the freestyle freedom meter to read (requires the least amount of blood out of any meter on the market). sometimes I prick it and nothing at all comes...
1-3 of 3 Results