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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, my screen name is Romance (an anagram of my real name), and I do not have diabetes, though everyone else in my family has type 2 diabetes and high BMI, as well. I believe I’ve avoided it by regular exercise, avoiding sweets (sodas and sweetened drinks especially), portion control, and...
  2. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    I'm looking for a great nutrition info site that includes both supermarket and restaurant food (if there is one). The sites I am finding are small or do not have glycemic index info along with the carbs, fiber, etc. Can anyone recommend one?
  3. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    My type 1 wife and I have sometimes talked about whether it is better for type 1s to eat slow-burning carbs (low GI) or fast-burning carbs (high GI). Of course, it's well known that slow metabolism of carbs is a good thing for type 2s. However, our wondering is based on the fact that her bolus...
  4. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I just found out that my glucose level is at 318. I need help in finding the foods and fruits I can eat. If there are any websites which provides good insight on types of fruits and vegetables I can consume would really help. Thank you.
1-4 of 4 Results