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  1. Insulin Pumps
    We are US citizens currently living in Costa Rica. I recently decided to go with a Medtronic Paradigm pump to manage my diabetes here. I would like to find a way to get insurance to cover loss or damage to the pump while we travel or live abroad. Since we do not own a home in the USA, we cannot...
  2. Diabetes Treatment
    I recently started Lantus using the Solostar pen. These pens come in a box of 5 pens with 300 units in each pen or 1,500 units in a box. My starting dosage was 12 units per day with 2 units for the safety test. That makes 14 units per day. With my insurance I can get a 90 day supply of a...
  3. Diabetes Complications
    I am recently going through a rough patch and need some help figuring out what to do next. I recently moved and my doctor moved. I don't have a car and I need to change doctors so I can get a doctor's prescription to get insulin I have no insurance either. I'm running low on my insulin and need...
  4. Diabetes
    I am looking to get life insurance but have recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Can anyone help provide me with information on life insurance companies that will provide coverage for someone with type 1 diabetes?
  5. Insulin Pumps
    I have insurance through my husbands company. We have United Healthcare and the prescription coverage is through Medco. I called Medco trying to find out what pumps they would cover, and the best the guy could do was look up a few of the most common pumps the pharmacist recommended, and tell...
1-5 of 5 Results