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low sugar

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    How low is too low? My glucose levels use to be over 500 the majority of the time but since I lost 30 pounds my levels have gotten as low as 61. Today it is 86. Are these levels too low? I am skipping my meds today because they are so low. Are these levels fine?:confused:
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    We have a uniqui gift to give, only we have it to give. I spent some time at a kennel where they train DADs. The Wildrose Kennel, Oxford, MS. Their very compedent trainers can train the dogs for behavior and obedience, even to be a service dog, without our help. However, when it is time to...
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    I am sure there are other stories like mine in here so sorry if it is redundant. I have had IDDM for close to six years now, onset at age of 30... well there was a concern at age 25 that I might be a diabetic but it was blown off as being heat related... fainted playing hockey and had a bg of...