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  1. Diabetes Symptoms
    have you ever been 186, and 20 minutes later your were 36 and in trouble?:confused: How about 340 and one hour 58.:eek: There is little or not control for the brittle diabetic. It is a roller coaster you fight with all your life. Guess who wins? Anyone on this roller coaster?
  2. General Diabetes Discussions
    Hi, I am a 38 yr old type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 1.5 years ago. My insulin 'honeymoon' phase is clearly over. Just a year ago, 4 units of Novorapid was more than enough for breakfast. I'd need a snack within an hour or two, and would round up nicely. Now for some reason, I need 14-16 units of...
1-2 of 2 Results