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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I am very new to the forum, I joined so that I could learn more about diabetes patients and also to know how you guys plan your diets. If you have any question regarding diabetes recipes please ask below. Have a great day:cheer2:
  2. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    I'm wondering if eating 2 small meals in place of dinner, an hour or two apart, would be better than eating a dinner sized portion all at once. My thinking is that my body would have less carbs to process, therefore less insulin to make all at once. Any information is appreciated, as I was...
  3. Diabetes News
    New research shows the difficulty of diet on both diabetes patients and their caretakers. Great article. Taking care of the caretaker A new national survey of over one thousand caretakers has just been released. This survey indicates that the most common struggle among the caretakers of...
  4. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    I need help with ideas for vegetarian meals, that can also be great for diabetics. I'm recently turned vegetarian, not so much for the cruelty to animals, but moreso because I just feel sick when I eat meat nowadays. Like, my stomache doesn't agree with it. So I need help to put together ideas...
1-4 of 4 Results