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  1. Diabetes Complications
    Hello everyone, here is my history, April 2013: Fasting: 107 Hba1c: 5.6% Bp: 130/80 Micro albumin:32 :( (the reference range says its 20) yesterday: Fasting : 102 Bp: 130/80 microalbumin: 35 :eek: i am 25 yrs old. am i now losing weight and i am worried about my kidney issue. can this...
  2. Diabetes Complications
    hello, i now have protein in my urine. it's miniscule though. the level of my microalbumin is 2.5. the normal is 2 and below. i don't think i have UTI. my nephrologist prescribed me a lisinopril 2.5 mg to take every day. has anyone experienced this and still dealing with protein in their...
  3. Diabetes Treatment
    Hi my Urine Microalbumin(Spot Urine) result is 2.2 mg/dl what dose it means is it any problem to cure it pls let me know
1-3 of 3 Results