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  1. Insulin Pumps
    I'm in 36th year of pumping (hit 37 first week of June) [and completed 20 years of CGM two weeks ago] Hitting my "change pump date" and of summer and starting to look at my (now seemingly limited) options. Wondering if people using the Medtronics 670G like it (I've heard strong words on all...
  2. Insulin Pumps
    URGENTLY NEED Medtronic MiniMed MMT-332A Reservoirs and MMT-396 (or similar) Infusion Sets. Limited funds, but will pay cash / PayPal and sign a liability release. Thanks!
  3. Diabetes Treatment
    I just bought a whole system of Minimed guardian real-time glucose testing. The transmitter works very well for tester, but when I connected the sensor with transmitter, there was no signal...No green light sensor icon on...I have tried 4 sensors, neither of them worked... What's going...
1-3 of 3 Results