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  1. Diabetes
    :eek: I'm recently diagnosed with Type 2. I am not taking medication yet, as I'm trying with diet. I was wondering if some experienced members could tell me what they think about my readings. I'm also not sure how many times a day I should be eating. Today I didn't feel like eating much. I...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I did not know that a reading of 103 FBS was in red zone somehow. I have been getting my annual health checkups every year in January and these are my readings in 2010 ( 93 FBS , 108 2 hrs after meals), 2011( 103 FBS , 126 2 hrs after meals), 2012 (103 FBS , 110 2 hrs after meals). My other...
  3. Diabetes
    Hi All, I’m a newbie and just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a 47 year old male, overweight, living with sleep apnea (use a mask) and have high blood pressure (which is under control with Amlodipine). About five months ago, I had a blood test and my doc told me my A1C was 9.8 and glucose was...
1-3 of 3 Results