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  1. Diabetes Complications
    have not been on here in a very long while, back to search out answers to my gastroparesis........its SO bad that its not something I think I can deal with anymore! Little scared here........ Does anyone have any facts or sites where I can get real answers, not really looking for drugs ...
  2. Diabetes Symptoms
    I am sixteen years old and have a history of diabetes in the family. I wake up many mornings extremely early with a terrible feeling. It feels like my blood is boiling and running through my veins very hot. I also feel very nauseous but never actually vomit. The feeling lasts for about an hour...
  3. Diabetes Complications
    About eight years ago, I began to have digestive problems. At the time, I didn't associate it with my diabetes. Went thru about a year of testing to eliminate causes. On finally seeing an endo, he prescribed Metoclopram (Reglan) 5mg. Which I been taking religiously four times a day for the last...
1-3 of 3 Results