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  1. Diabetes Treatment
    Hello! Desperately need your views/comments on this one. Have been looking for an alternative for my diabetic wound treatment for quite a while now. I opened this up to my doctor he said I should try it if I want to. But I'm still looking for somebody who actually tried or knows someone who can...
  2. Diabetes Treatment
    Instead of Janumet, I would like to try Metformin + basal insulin or Metformin + Arcabose + basal insulin. What do you all think of this combo? I hear to many negatives with Januvia... Anyone else on this combo? How is this working for you? Thanks:smile:
  3. Diabetes Complications
    Hello, I am a student at the University of Minnesota studying biomedical engineering. As part of my senior year, I am working with a team on a design project where we are looking to develop a oxygen delivery device to help facilitate quicker healing of diabetic topical ulcers. As part of the...
1-3 of 6 Results