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  1. Diabetes Forum Lounge
    So Solara really screwed me up this time. I ordered Dexcom G6 sensors and Tandem Tslim pump supplies on 11/6/2020. When I got home from work on 11/13/2020 (an entire week later), there was a shipment from Solara. I was horrified to find that the shipment contained my Dexcom sensors but no...
  2. Insulin Pumps
    I'm in 36th year of pumping (hit 37 first week of June) [and completed 20 years of CGM two weeks ago] Hitting my "change pump date" and of summer and starting to look at my (now seemingly limited) options. Wondering if people using the Medtronics 670G like it (I've heard strong words on all...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I am a type 2 AA male 75 years young. I have been DX since 1994 but probably type two since 1986 or so. I am blessed not to have any significant complications, which I attribute to the endo that DX me putting me on insulin right away. A s a result I still make plenty insulin and am not unaware...
1-3 of 3 Results