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  1. Diabetes Complications
    Friend of mine diagnosed with type 2 diabetic on drug treatment ,blood sugar is not fully controlled constantly ,Please advice on whether he can take insulin to control his blood sugar?
  2. New Member Introductions
    I've successfully fought the big D for years with diet etc. I kind of forgot I even had it. Was told I didn't need to tear anymore. Doc wouldn't prescribe strips. It was a false sense of security. I was in an actUte state of denial. I had tried a lot of medications in the past (orals and humalog...
  3. Diabetes Symptoms
    have you ever been 186, and 20 minutes later your were 36 and in trouble?:confused: How about 340 and one hour 58.:eek: There is little or not control for the brittle diabetic. It is a roller coaster you fight with all your life. Guess who wins? Anyone on this roller coaster?