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  1. Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
    Since so many diabetic diet recommendations are based on both blood glucose management and attempts at weight loss (or, at least, maintaining one's weight), how should a significantly underweight diabetic go about gaining body fat while at the same time managing blood glucose? I'm guessing that...
  2. Diabetes Symptoms
    Hello. My wife recently went to the doctor, and while a definitive diagnosis of diabetes has not yet been made, it seems likely to come soon. Her fasting glucose was 300 and her A1C was 13. These are, to my knowledge, high numbers even for a diabetic. She is 32 and is in good health, for the...
  3. Diabetes
    How does this occur in an underweight (not severly) senior, who has no family history? Oops, I need to be clear, he is "pre-diabetic." I'm concerned he is not being taken care of properly (like being fed well)... can anyone explain this to me? thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results