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  1. Diabetes Treatment
    Hi, all. I'm having a difficulty with my foot ulcer I want it to be completely healed. It has been bothering me for quite a long time now. Very slow healing process and it still has a "necrotic" base as what my doctor described it. I told my sister in law about this, she researched it for me and...
  2. Diabetes Treatment
    Keeping in mind I am not diabetic (yet!) I'm heading to the doctor today because I have an infected wound on my knee. I fell and I've been self treating but it looks worse today and since tomorrow is a holiday I realized I better get in. There is drainage and redness around the wound which I've...
  3. Diabetes News
    A treatment called Pulsatile IV Insulin Therapy, is now available from several companies, in several states. My personal experience is wonderful. It has brought my kidneys back from the brink. Every other complications I have, whic are many, have improved. It currently is expensive, they are...
1-3 of 4 Results