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  1. Diabetes Treatment
    Hi, all. I'm having a difficulty with my foot ulcer I want it to be completely healed. It has been bothering me for quite a long time now. Very slow healing process and it still has a "necrotic" base as what my doctor described it. I told my sister in law about this, she researched it for me and...
  2. Diabetes Treatment
    I have kicked my inside ankle several times and the result is now an open wound that doesn't heal. Dr has prescribed a gel and change of dressing 2x a day. Overnight the wound does get a crust on it but with the gel it goes away. Pharmacist says that I should not let it crust. Seems to me the...
  3. Diabetes Complications
    Foot ulcers and bed sores that are not responding to treatment may find a quick cure with Manuka Honey. It has been shown to heal when nothing seems to work.
1-3 of 3 Results