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Dear Manager/Director/Expert:

I am very grateful to the time you spare for reading this recommendation letter on the paper《The Mechanism of Type 2 Diabetes developing》. The mechanism of how type 2 diabetes develops is discussed in details. Based on lots of therapy data the complete and precise mathematic model has been formularized to give quantitative analysis on the whole process of diabetes developing. The inner cause of diabetes is disclosed accurately. Sufficient evidences are used to pronounce the invalidation of the blood sugar metabolizing model currently used in hospital and medical research institutions.

The current theory on how type 2 diabetes develops is far from being completed, is not able to explain the diversity of clinical symptoms where diabetes causes the body system to appear or just give qualitative analysis for them. There are some contradictions in some qualitative analysis on clinical symptoms according to the current theory of diabetes (Appendix listed several symptoms which couldn’t be explained by the current theory on diabetes). However all the clinical symptoms can be explained according to the new theory set forth in the paper. All explanations support each other so that the correctness and integrity of the theory in the paper are proved.

Treatment of type 2 diabetes currently comes from clinical practice without theoretical support. Chinese traditional medicine can not remove the root cause of type 2 diabetes thoroughly. Western medicine therapy mainly depends on medicine to lower glucose levels and control diabetes complications; there is no treatment to the real cause of type 2 diabetes. All above concludes that there is no way to heal type 2 diabetes.

The scientific research on type 2 diabetes is still groping in the darkness for that the focus is on the gene and the medicine to lower glucose. This is not the right direction to treat type 2 diabetes. The trend of for type 2 diabetes breaking out world widely can not be explained by heredity alone so that environment affects has to be added to help explain. That is to say, heredity is not the key point and the research on gene is not a right direction. And the research on medicine to lower glucose is not to treat diabetes at all.

At the beginning it is introduced that precise mathematic model has been established for the research on type 2 diabetes in this paper. It is well-known that mathematics is the most precise scientific subject and brief way to reason. It is the established mathematic model that demonstrates the author’s apprehension of type 2 diabetes thoroughly and completely. This paper deals with the further classification of type 2 diabetes, pointing out all kinds of causes and symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It is believed that this paper will be an unvalued instruction to the research on type 2 diabetes in the world.

The understanding of type 2 diabetes is still not clear now in the world; it is believed that the author made a new discovery to that. Either university or medical research institute will make the biggest contributions to healing type 2 diabetes by using the author’s new theory. Type 2 diabetes surely can be healed under the new theory.

The author is looking forward to a thorough discussion on the paper with any expert group organized by any medical establishment, explaining all questions raised by expert and giving precise and accurate answers to clinical symptoms of the diabetics.

The author originally thought to have the paper published in domestic medical literature in the author's own country. But the paper failed to be accepted for the reason of its being too theoretical. This is the reason for the author to publish this letter openly on the internet.

It is hoped that the paper will be able to attract some attentions of real experts on type 2 diabetes and also bring honors to them.

Thank you very much for your reading.

The author: Mr. Hanpeng Wang
cellphone: 0086 13701276255

or you can contact: Mr. Zhan
celllphone: 0086 13701071263

Appendix to this letter

Problems occurred when type 2 diabetes explained by current theory:

1. Damaged beta cells in the pancreas

Over 50% of beta cells in the pancreas were damaged in autopsy demonstrating that damaged beta cells in pancreas is not the cause to type 2 diabetes. A diabetic will live several couples of years after diabetes found with him/her, during the years of taking medicine and insulin injection, the insulin in pancreas itself will be left idly even though 30-40% of them left after the test in autopsy. How many beta cells were damaged in the very beginning of the type 2 diabetes? The medicine to lower blood glucose can cause lower level of blood sugar. All these can illustrate that cell of pancreas is able to produce insulin.

2. The decrease of beta cells in pancreas in diabetic versus the increase of beta cells in pancreas in the normal obesity.

The increase of beta cells in pancreas in the normal obesity illustrates that beta cells in pancreas can be reproduced by itself. It is a long time for diabetes to develop, for the prediabetes why does beta cell of the pancreas not increase with the level of blood sugar a little bit higher than what is normal?

3. One cause of type 2 diabetes is bad gene

Gene is from heredity and this is not able to explain the breaking out trends of type 2 diabetes. So environmental factors have to be added to explain this phenomena. So heredity is not the key cause of diabetes. As a theory of diabetes to explain the cause of type 2 diabetes needs additional factors to help when explaining, this will be proving the theory itself incomplete.

4. For those who have irregular sugar blood if treated with lowering sugar blood by medicines for a period of time, the rate of them becoming diabetes is higher than those who are not treated to lower their blood sugar.

The clinical data shows that the rate of those people treated to lower their blood sugar by medicine in order to prevent from developing diabetes but becoming diabetes instead is higher than those who are not treated to lower their blood sugar in 2 years. According to the current theory on diabetes, to lower blood sugar in advance should prevent from developing diabetes for those who have irregular high sugar blood which will kill the beta cells in pancreas. So it proves that the clinical data not only doesn’t support the current theory on diabetes but also contradict that theory. Although the difference is not so big and assumed as statistic error. But if the rate is same, which will support the current theory on diabetes is not right.

5. The trends of sugar blood affected by taking food made of grain, discovered by Professor Nie Wentao.

This trends shows at earlier time of taking grain food for the diabetic their sugar blood level will go higher whereas their health conditions become better, then the level of sugar blood will go down to a stable level. According to the current theory this trend is impossible. But this discovery is true.

6. The level of sugar blood for the type 2 diabetic will stay at a stable level at a certain period of time without taking any medicine.

The food taken and physical exercise differ a lot from each day, while the remained beta cells in pancreas are relative stable, so that the sugar blood level should be a big difference from everyday like the situation of type 1 diabetes. But actually it is not the case. During the period of two weeks the difference of the sugar blood level is not so big as expected either for the diabetic before meal or after.

7. There is a relation between the sugar blood level before eating meal and the one after for those type 2 diabetics without taking medicine to lower their sugar blood.

If type 2 diabetic is caused by the damage of beta cells in pancreas, then the remained the beta cells in pancreas will control the sugar blood in a normal level under the conditions of the patient not taking any food. So in this way after the patient take meal then the sugar blood level will go to high, at this time because the insufficient insulin the high level of sugar blood will be caused. But the actual situation is that the level of sugar blood for the patient without taking any food will go to high according to some proportion.

8. The level of sugar blood for type 2 diabetic will increase at the conditions of not taking any food or in hungry.

C-peptide measurement shows that there is 5 times in variation of the C-peptide amounts for the type 2 diabetic and the maximum of C-peptide is close to the normal level which the normal people have when they don’t eat meal. But at that situation the insulin is too small in quantity to lower the sugar blood level to normal.

9. The process of the diabetes developing

The level of sugar blood increase tested after meal taken, then the ability to lower the sugar blood is reduced, diabetes will become true finally.

10. There is a big fluctuation in the level of sugar blood for the type 2 diabetes.

11.The amount of self-produced insulin will decrease for those people at early stage of diabetes after they take insulin injection. That is to say, the amounts of C-peptide decrease.

In order to make this recommendation letter brief, I just list the above questions that the current diabetes theory can not explain. I am sure that the above questions have been explained correctly and clearly according to my theory...

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Thanks for showing us your paper. I am a Type 1 diabetic for 63 years and so I cannot relate so well to your subject matter but I found it to be very interesting.
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