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Hi Guys,
Had a weird and scary issue with Fletcher, my 2.5 year old son (one of non-identical twins) - just wondering if anyone has had the same sort of thing happen to them...

It started one dark and stormy night... :p

His brother Callan got a mild dose of gastro on Saturday night, throwing up through the night... by morning, he was fine, but Fletcher had picked it up too... and he was throwing up during the day... he wasn't keeping anything down... :(

By the next morning he was still throwing up - and was breathing hard (even when resting) - so we took him to our GP.

The doctor suggested it could be pneumonia, and we took him to our hospital for chest xrays.

Halfway through the xrays, another doctor came in just to have a look - and then the fun started - he said he's possibly suffering from keto-acidosis. :eek:

The symptoms were there (not that we knew it at the time) - ketone breath (sweet and pear smelling) - rapid breathing (kussmaul respiration), huge wet nappies, high blood sugar levels, high ketone levels...

So they hooked up several IVs - and started giving him saline & insulin... slowly he returned to normal over a day or so... he now pretty much back to normal.

The local Diabetes Coach comes in a gives us info pack on diabetes, and how it's controlled - all very good and informative...

So we wait for the blood test to come back - and it's showing negative to the beta cell antibodies...

So we're now confused - he's had all the hallmarks of someone who's got diabetes, but hasn't got the antibodies that would cause it...

We've been checking his BSL over the last week, and they vary between 4.2 of a morning, to 6ish during the day... all fairly normal... :cool:

Has anyone had a similar episode as this? Any ideas?

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