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OMG, I am working with an agent to find an affordable health care plan for next year, and what I'm hearing is horrific. Thought plans were going to be cheaper this year. The plan I had last year for $65 a month is now $256 per month. Many of the companies are NOT COVERING NOVOLOG!! I use Novolog in my pump, and that's all I've ever used. If they do cover insulin, there is a huge deductible applied ONLY to insulin. Are they trying to kill all of us off? Please forgive the caps and exclamation marks; I just got off the phone with her. And I thought I saw something as I was logging in which said they're not covering Eli Lilly insulins either? Susan
A couple years ago I thought we would be forced to switch from novolog to humalog. I asked our endo who was also t1 . He said that he personally use either. I think he said they were Interchangable
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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