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The National Institute of Nursing Research has awarded Yale University School of Nursing (YSN) 3.4 million dollars to compare the effectiveness of Internet-based coping skills training versus an Internet education program for diabetic children.

The goal is to improve type 1 diabetes management, metabolic control, and quality of life in adolescents. Leading the study are Margaret Grey, dean of the nursing school, and Robin Whittemore, associate professor.

"Teens with type 1 diabetes are often the only student in their school with diabetes," Whittemore said. "They feel different at a time when they want to be accepted by friends. We want to see teens healthy, both physically and emotionally."

Grey said technological advances and access to the Internet have made cyberspace a viable tool for the delivery of coping skills training. It also allows health care practitioners to reach more adolescents.
3.4 Million Dollars Award To Study Internet Coping Skills For Diabetic Children
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