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I am 44 years old and had the shock of my life on April 27th when I was told I might be a diabetic. A couple of days later after blood work sure enough type 1!

I went to the doctor for a D.O.T. physical and failed. The physical was done by a nurse practitioner not my doctor, all my follow up visits were with the nurse, Never saw my doctor. The nurse gave me the basics of injecting insulin, told me to test 3 times a day before meals and very little to nothing on how to bolus and sent me off. Next appointment 6 months.

Thank god for these forums and all the books or I would have been lost. I have learned far more here than I did from the nurse.

I am going this week for my first 3 month blood test to check my a1c so I will see how I have done. Got my fingers crossed.

I am doing OK but I have lost 15 lbs. I started out at 175 and am down to 160. I seem to be holding at 160 and hope I do not go any lower. My pants are falling off!

My current meds are

Lantus 8 units per night
Lisinopril 2.5 mg
Sivastatin 10mg
Novolog as needed

Had high keatones and was on metformin for 2 months. Last blood test said keatones were good so off the metformin.

I am guessing that I have a little insulin production left since I am taking such a low dose of Lantus ??

I will be lurking around trying to learn and provide help when I can.

I Stand Alone
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