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3) Resveratrol In Grape Skins Could Stop Diabetic Complications Such As Heart Disease

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Research carried out by scientists at the Peninsula Medical School in the South West of England has found that resveratrol, a compound present naturally in grape skin, can protect against the cellular damage to blood vessels caused by high production of glucose in diabetes, according to a paper published in the science journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism this week.

The elevated levels of glucose that circulate in the blood of patients with diabetes causes micro- and macrovascular complications by damaging mitochondria, the tiny power plants within cells responsible for generating energy. When they are damaged they can leak electrons and make highly damaging 'free radicals'.

Complications that can result when this happen include nephropathy (kidney disease), heart disease and retinopathy (which if left untreated can lead to blindness).

Resveratrol stops the damage by helping cells make protective enzymes to prevent the leakage of electrons and the production of toxic 'free radicals'.

As well as being naturally present in grape skins, resveratrol is also present in seeds, peanuts and red wine.
Resveratrol In Grape Skins Could Stop Diabetic Complications Such As Heart Disease, Retinopathy And Nephropathy
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Hmmm.. very interesting.. I saw resveratrol talked about on Oprah the other day.
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