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530g upgrade

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Has anybody gotten a free upgrade to the 530g with Enlite because of MM discontinuing the Soft Sensor? I switched to a t-slim/dexcom combo back in June as I got the best price with my insurance at the time. I got a letter a month of so from MM about the Soft Sensors and ignored it as I switched and move on from MM. MM called and wanted to switch me to the new setup and I thought the would go away when I told them I did't have insurance they said would get one any way and by George I did lol.
only problem is I can't find my transmitter. I will have to call them and inform them that I probably tossed it over the summer since I switched to another company. :rolleyes:
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I had to pay $400 for our upgrade and if you have the dexcom CGM you have the better CGM. I hate our enlite sensor and CGM. We were waked up all night long last night with false alarms. Ive ordered Gary Schiner's new book on CGM monitoring "Practical CGM"and I hope it can help us iron out our problems with it but I will scrape the money together for a Dexcom CGM if we do not have the problems Ironed out.
I have a Dexcom CGM and no insurance, so I must pay out of pocket. When I call Dexcom to order supplies, I tell them I pay out of pocket and they give me a 'small' break in price because I pay cash. You may want to inquire about that.
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