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530g upgrade

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Has anybody gotten a free upgrade to the 530g with Enlite because of MM discontinuing the Soft Sensor? I switched to a t-slim/dexcom combo back in June as I got the best price with my insurance at the time. I got a letter a month of so from MM about the Soft Sensors and ignored it as I switched and move on from MM. MM called and wanted to switch me to the new setup and I thought the would go away when I told them I did't have insurance they said would get one any way and by George I did lol.
only problem is I can't find my transmitter. I will have to call them and inform them that I probably tossed it over the summer since I switched to another company. :rolleyes:
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I might switch if my insurance will pay for it in February when this transmitter dies.

I have tried to work through the problems with the enlite sensors. From what I understand they are getting better with each upgrade of their pump. So I'm really waiting for the 640g to find out. Medtronic is further along on the artificial pancreas The problems with the enlite sensors are holding them back.

I find that it takes my sensor 2 -3 days then they are very accurate. But frustrating that I lose half of the time during the beginning of each sensor and I equate that to losing half my money. I got got so tired of getting medtronic to replace sensors, which they have no problem with, but I think it's silly for them to read these questions off a piece of paper when I've already gone through their trouble shooting tips. Last time their Bayer meter gave me a very high blood glucose reading and not thinking to test again, took an injection when in actually the BG was really around 200. Bayer replaced the meter and I sent it back. Didn't mind to much, got to eat cookies, but that was 3 hours on the phone with medtronic and one hour with Bayer. Medtronic didn't want to let me go til my blood sugar came back up. I do have to say. Medtronic cares and I'm still glad I have their pump, but would rather that CGM worked 7 days instead of 3.
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