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I have had a Deltec Cozmo for years. Mine is at the end of life and starting to been uncontrollably without reason or error code so I guess 6 years is a bit too much for the pump. Now it is time to get a new one.

In Switzerland the offerings are limited. I can basically take an Accu-Check Spirit, D-tron or the MiniMed. Animas is not offered here unfortunately. Of the pumps available, I am leaning towards the Mini-med which brings up my questions.

1. The mini-med does not offer the reminders that I have with the Deltec (2.5 hours after a meal bolus I get a reminder to test, 3 days after site change, I get a reminder to change sites, etc). To those who switched, do you miss the reminders?

2. CGMS with the Minimed device is paid for twice a year by insurance. I inferred from the forums here that some people wear a CGMS 100% of the time?? Is that really the case?
Does 2x a year really add any value to Hba1C values? Unfortunately the cost, as I understand it, is about $100 for a 3 day sensor. Thus if I wanted to wear it 100% of the time I would be looking at about $1000 a month :eek:
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