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Hello May, welcome aboard! I hope the Byetta works well for you. The fact you are not much overweight and the other symptoms you mentioned make it seem like you are a Type 1 diabetic. What kind of doctor diagnosed you? I wish you would see an endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) for a second opinion and be more certain of your diagnosis. If you are Type 1 then you would be taking insulin by injection. You are already taking Byetta by injection, right?

I have been Type 1 for 63 years and I am very healthy. Insulin by injection for 63 years saved my life. Do you eat low carb meals and exercise on a regular basis? Today is my birthday, I am 70 years old. I eat an average of 130 carbs each day and walk 2.5 miles per day. You are much younger than me so exercising should be easy for you if you are healthy.

Ask all the questions you want! We are here to help.

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