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A Friend's Inspiring Message

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A friend on another site posted this clever and inspiring message. She gave me permission to post it here.

"My eight year old nephew was playing the Transformers game online. He is really quite awesome at this game. I looked at his little face, and I could see the determination and focus in his eyes when the round started. He asked me to sit down beside him and watch him win. He was only moments into the match when my mother called for him, and he shouted these words, "I can't grandma. I'm in the battle, and I can't move."

While those words were still ringing in my spirit, I said to my mother, "Let the boy play. I'll take care of that for you." My little nephew didn't even realize the potency of what he had said. I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm in the battle, and I can't move from this fight. I'm not interested in dying right now because I've got too much to live for.

I'm in the battle to win the fight against this diabetes disease. I can't retreat from this battle. I can't take time off from this battle. I can't fight only when I feel like it. I can't lose myself in this battle because I had a life before this disease, and I will purposely make it an even better one with this disease. I can't allow the fate of this fight to rest on the actions or the lack of actions of others because this is my fight, and I'm in the battle to win it!!!"
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From the mouths of babes . . . thanks for posting, Richard - and thanks to your friend too.
very inspiring thanks
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