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A little worried

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I was having a few problems. some blurry vision, feeling tired, problems with my feet a kind of burning feeling in them. My mom is diabetic so I asked her if I could test myself on her meter. My reading came out 189. Is that cause to be concerned? I went to my family doctor a few months ago and he said that all my blood work came out normal. But I havent been feeling right lately.

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I would definitely make an appointment with a doctor. Can I ask how old you are? Are you overweight? I had some vision problems, too, that I couldn't explain and I slept A LOT. I think you need to be retested by your doctor. Lots can change in a few months.
Hi Bonbon45,

welcome here! I hope you will go check your blood again. It's always better to know for sure. Especially if there's diabetes in your family.

Good luck!
Hi Ruby
I will be 54 in a few months. Im 5/6 and 172 lbs which I think im overweight by 20 lbs. I get tired also. I just started feeling. this way in the last few weeks . My mother is diabetic and so was my sister who passed away 10 years ago.
Please make an appointment to see your doctor again. And keep us posted as to it's outcome. Best of luck to you.
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